Friday, April 28, 2006

Core workout

I know, when am I hitting the trails?? Tomorrow!
Another trail run!
This is a 10K race at the Wilds. This was my first trail run, ever, last year.
Last year's race report:
10K Ecothon at the Wilds: A Trail Run I have never run a trail race before, and actually didn’t know that this was a trail race when I signed up for it. Race day was cold and wet, temp somewhere in the 30-40’s (you could see your breath, that kind of cold.) It rained all night and rained on and off for the whole race. This was a 10K, 5 K Race and 5K Walk at the Wilds, and you got a free safari tour afterwards, so there were lots of family people about. The 10 and 5K Race both started together, which made the first ½ mile fairly crowded. We split off finally and the race started in earnest. We ran up and down a big meadow, which was pretty similar to some of my running areas at home, except theirs were better mowed….at the bottom of first hill was the first water attraction. People were trying to run around it, and me and the guy next to me just stepped right in..socks and shoes soaked, got that out of the way. Check. We disappear into the woods and this is where the race got fun and dangerous. It was total mud. We were slipping and sliding up and down slopes. I got past about 8 people who were again not trying to get their shoes muddy-I simply stomped through the middle of the puddles. This was really a lot of fun! My total concentration was on the trail and my running. There was no time to think about the rain coming down, whether my hat was on straight, did I have a side stitch starting-it was all about the trail here! It was also a great body workout. Around mile 2 or so I thought to myself “ I am NOT doing a long run on Sunday as planned, this one is going to count as the long run…” We came out of the woods, hit a graveled road for a 200 foot respite, then back up a hill again. Miles 3 and 4 were mostly on a very muddy, somewhat graveled road. It was rolling up and down, but this was pretty similar to some of my normal runs. I pulled away from the group I had been with on the mud trail and just concentrated on picking off the women in the distance ahead. My running through mud puddles almost did me in at one point..I ran through one, which was quite deep and I thought I was going to end up taking a header into it! I passed one woman and then caught up to the other two I had been trailing at the great mud field. This is where the road gravel disappeared and there was nothing to do but slog through the mud, picking up pounds of mud on my shoes. I managed to clean them off while running though. I passed the two women on the next hill, a very steep one. I actually power walked part of it, then gave up and ran near the top. I was actually all alone at the point, I could see the next runner up on the next ridge line. At mile 5, after ascending the ridge, I caught up with the last of the 5K walkers (the courses converged.) This was kind of annoying since we’re running through a meadow, they are trying not to get too muddy so they are leaving the worse part of the trail for the runners to go through. I’m sure I splashed a few of them on my way past. Final .4 is back on the road and downhill, so sprinting for the finish: 1.09.10 (my arbitrary goal was a 1.10!!!) Splits 10.39 13.39 10.45 10.10 (the road mile) 12.06 10.36 1.12 Thoughts on this first trail race: It was a lot of fun. It was hard! I feel completely whipped after this. I think all my hill training really paid off for this race.

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