Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy Weekend

I got my next new hydration pack, a two bottle waist system. I tried this out Sunday morning, and I think this is what I will run with on the Buckeye Trail 50K this next Saturday. I do need to get out again with the Kelty backpack and give it another try.
I'm glad I asked my parents about how far away Brecksville was from their house..about 13 miles. That's really close to where to the 50K starts! Cool.I'll spend Friday night with the parents, getting valuable daughter-karma points, mom will feed me, we'll probaly dig up half her flower garden, but I'll be close to the race on Saturday!

We went north on Saturday, visited three wine shops, bought five cases of wine (yes, we drink alot of wine!) and had lunch with my parents. Mom and I dug up some of her flower bed which was really overgrown (many of her plants were actually from my old garden) and I did get them into a bed on Sunday. We didn't get home til 7pm Saturday night.
I slept in until 7am on Sunday-pretty unheard of! And then felt like I was behind the curve for most of the day. I finally got out for my run at 830am, but only did six miles, because I was fretting over how dirty my house was. I just hate to come home from work and have it such a mess. And the weekend is the best time for me to get it straightened out.
So I got home from the run, and took the two younger dogs out for a walk and multi-tasked and picked blackberries! We've got a great crop right now! I picked about one pint, and there's many more out there. Maybe I can get out later today.
I started house cleaning, the bathroom, kitchen, vaccuuming, mowing the lawn. Had to stop for a while since the BIL and friend stopped in on their motorcycles-great day for a ride, and the curvy road we live on is really fun on a cycle. I've organized my clothes for work for the week, and now am waiting for Dennis to finish cooking in the kitchen so I can cut up the fruit we bought yesterday. I love having my lunch prepacked for work. I've really been eating badly at work lately, snacking off the cafeteria, so I need to get back to packing all my food for work again.
I need to figure out my workouts for the week, with the 50K coming up. My arm is still bothering me. It's practically impossible to NOT use your arms. I haven't done any upper body workouts (since trail clearing one weekend ago) but it still hurts. All my core workouts have been carefully done to not stress my upper arms, but it still seems to be hurting. I might as well wait until after the 50K though, and see what else hurts after that for the doctor visit!


Sarah said...

Yum, blackberries! I wanted to go berry picking this weekend but it's too hot to be out in the sun!

I hope your arm feels better. I'll probaby do some light strength training tomorrow and then a few short runs this week. Good luck with your 50K! I'm sure it will be a piece of cake for you, now. I'll be trying to get through my first! : )

miki said...

Hi Kim, Is that a Nathan's pack? It looks pretty good. You can never have enough somehow. I have 2 camelbacks, a handheld, and a 1 bottle waist pack. I'm looking for something for a 50 miler that I have planned. What did you use for yours? Good luck with the heat. I'm dying over here in California.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

hope your arm feels better soon. nice pack!

matt said...

you are so cool, kim...i love how you keep trying out new gear. let us know how that pack is working for you. take care of that arm and rest up this week.

Jack said...

Prepacking your lunch is a great idea, I need to do that! Hope your arm feels better soon.

olga said...

I'd leave upper body along for now. Go easy, taper. Be careful swinging them when getting bottles out of pack.
Enjoy mom's!