Sunday, July 16, 2006

Good Run Bad Run?

The best part of today's run is that it's over. 18.73 miles in 3 hours 58 minutes 59 seconds. Nope, I'm not going looking for that spare change last mile anywhere.
I got out the door at 542 am to beat the heat. It was 75 degrees F, and about 90% humidity. This was still in the form of fog as I started out on top of the ridge (this was a total road run.)
I wore the new hydration pack, I'm not sure about it. I was not used to the weight-I bought one with 100 oz capacity. It seemed like I could not strap it tight enough. I got this slosh-slosh-slosh noise. I also didn't like not knowing how much fluids I had left in it. How do you hydration pack wearers figure that out?
I had dropped the iPod mini the day before, and to my dismay, found it stuck on full volume, and I couldn't scroll with it, I could only play the songs in order. So much for listening to the latest.Get Your Geek On! podcast. I then noticed the battery power taking a dive, so I knew I would be without music for a big part of the run-argh!
I ran to our little town, Newcomerstown, on one road, and then ran back home on a different road. The run home was tough. The sun had finally came out, I was out of the fog down by the river, and the tar was already melting on the road. It's hot at 9am when the tar is already melting.
I made it home, did the ice bath, took a pseudo-nap ( you can't nap with dogs jumping on and off the bed) and then had lunch. I still feel whipped. I don't know whether it was due to the work yesterday, the heat and humidity, or the new hydration pack. This was a tough run for me today!
But even as the run was ending (as I wearily tried to make it through the last mile or so) I tried to see the positives. I remembered how I felt when I was hurt and realized how lucky I was to even be out there completing 18 miles. I was glad the first half of the run had been out of the direct sunlight. I knew the suckiness of the run didn't have anything to really do with my physical shape, I'm feeling really strong.
Oh, and just one more comment, road miles just suck. I want to be on my trails!


Sarah said...

Sorry you didn't have the greatest run, Kim. But you made it! Way to go looking at the positives!

On my run last week when I bonked, I was hating my hydration pack. It felt heavy, I kept adjusting my straps, etc. But yesterday when I had a better run, I hardly noticed it.

To prevent the sloshing, turn the bladder upside down and suck out the air before you put it in the pack. As for knowing how much is left...I guess I don't. But so far I've always had enough. Yesterday for 19 miles I took 2L, but still had some left.

Kim said...

Thanks for the tip Sarah. That was my first attempt with the pack, and you know, change!!
I stashed water along my route, I probaly drank about 3Liters!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Oh man sounds tough. I hate the sloshing - I like Sarah's tip! I can never get it strapped down tight enough to not move, yet not so tight that it doesn't hurt. I generally try to avoid using it (although that's not always possible). It is tough to keep track of how much I intake; that's another reason I prefer handhelds. I always pack enough water for 20 to 24 oz per hour.

Robb said...

I just don't drink on a run. I suppose I don't run far enough and it is something I know I need to think about. My long runs are usually 13 or 14 miles at this point.

I love reading about you ultra types. I think I want to join you.

Listen, Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog (where there is never any humidity and the temp is always in the 50's haha). I've signed you up for the Awards fun. More details to come.

Take care.

olga said...

19 miles on road IS a lot! I try to stick with about 12-13 at most:)
I use bottle (hand-held) and put extra bottles (if needed) in a Gregory (no bladder) pack. I just can't suck on tube without breaking my breathing. But I like Sarah's advice.