Sunday, August 06, 2006

10 Mile Run

I got up good and early, and was out the door by 645 am for my 10 miler. It wasn't as nice as yesterday, the heat and humidity are back, but not as fierce as last week.
I was tired! This is how the conversation goes:
Me: I'm tired. Maybe we should only do 8.
Self: Of course you're tired. You ran 14 miles yesterday. You're supposed to be tired.
Me: This is hard.
Self: Of course it's hard. If it was easy, everyone would be out training for ultras.

You all talk to yourself, too, right?

I am out of town Monday through Wednesday at a convention in Pittsburgh. I am hoping to get out for several runs. There is a running group that meets every Tuesday, The People That Run Downtown so I hope to be able to join them for a few miles.


Sarah said...

You rock, Kim!

I took it pretty easy this weekend...just 5 and 5. Way to go on keeping up the mileage.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I always talk to myself. Me and I can keep up quite a conversation over the course of a long run!

Jack said...

If I don't talk to myself I would be quite lonely during my long runs ;-)

Great job with the mileage!

matt said...

i talk to myself at work, while i sleep, all of the time. luckily it is pretty mundane stuff...i am not divulging State secrets or anything. your discussion with self seems most appropriate.

Ryan said...

Hey Kim...nice job on the early bird run! Every time I check your blog...your off and running, thanks for daily inspiration & motivation!!

Run on!

olga said...

I am with Ang - "we" talk a rant and love it!

rick said...

huh, maybe most runners talk to themselves. I do it too, I also make lots of deals with myself; "Ben & Jerry's if you run the last 20 without whining"..."Sushi if you