Thursday, August 17, 2006

20 and 10

20 and 10. Kind of sounds like a football thing, like at the 20 yard line, 10 yards to go..

But it is actually what I am able to say confidently, about the weekend running plans. 20 and 10. 20 on Saturday, 10 on Sunday. I'm in good shape and overjoyed to be able to say that. No injuries. (The weird pain went away overnight.) It's so good to know, if someone said, let's go run a marathon tomorrow, I could do that also. Life is good.

Another life is good point..I look around my home office, and I count five pair of running shoes on the floor. 3 road, 2 trail. Life is indeed good. 20 and 10.


olga said...

Heck, it's a great plan, I wish it were mine too! :)
Enjoy your weekend.

Ryan said...

Nice =)

I wish I had the time for a 20/10 this weekend! Have a great time...enjoy yourself!!

Sarah said...

That sounds like a great weekend schedule. I may just do that myself! Have fun!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

20 and 10, sounds nice!

matt said...

that is a great way to measure happiness...3 pairs of trail shoes and 2 pairs of road shoes. you are so cool, kim! look forward to reading about your 20/10 this weekend.