Sunday, August 20, 2006

Awesome day

What a great late summer day. The highlights:
-6 mile trail run at 7am. Yes, a bit short of 10, but that's how long the loop turned out to be. The bridle trail has dried out, and it's being used, so most of it is a nice dirt path. There is still some mud-sucking spots, and the mud almost got my new left trail shoe, but I recovered!
-home by 11 am after grocery shopping since I was out.
-planted a fig tree
-roto-tilled up a new garden (flower) bed
-sat on the porch and read my "Ultra Running" Book and drank wine.
-had fresh BLT's for dinner. And I added guacamole to the BLT's--good!!

The weather has been awesome today. About 72 degrees F, a nice breeze, big cotton-candy clouds in the sky. I was outside for most of the day, just drinking it in.
I need to remember to come outside and look for the meteor showers if it isn't overcase.


Sarah said...

We must be in synch 'cause I ended up just doing 6 instead of 10 today too.

mmm...BLT's yum! : )

matt said... have incredible energy, kim! that must be one of the other benefits of ultratrainning, huh?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

mm, sounds like a nice weekend!