Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My basket runneth over

My running basket, where I toss all the running related stuff..I need another basket.I probaly should sort out the Clif Bars from the zinc oxide and the Blister Shield. It might be easier to find stuff early mornings!

Notice the blaze orange duct tape. This is great to help ID your gear, especially for airports, if you have that ubiquitous black suitcase on wheels, I can spot my black case with the orange duct tape and be gone before you've turned over your luggage tag!


Ryan said...

I enjoyed reading over your last few post! You’re in the groove!!

rick said...

How about 2 baskets, one for food and the other for non-food items. Shelf looks like it could hold another.

~gnatty~ said...

i like the suggestion above. (like the basket, too. i have an ugly box and a big bag...) will maybe upgrade to a neat purple or orange crate. :-)