Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Month

Oh yeah, it's 545 am and I'm done working out for the day, woohoo!
It was a light workout, I walked a mile, jogged a mile, walked a mile on the treadmill. There's not much on at 430am TV-wise. My legs feel pretty good, it's actually the blister on the end of one toe that is bothering me. I hate having to tape it up, but work demands I wear socks or stockings so I can't hang out barefoot all day.


Ryan said...

Catching-up! Great race report...nice job pushing thru the heat! Congratulations on finishing another 50k….Good luck with your fall running plans! Are you going to run Mountain Masochist in November?

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Good job finishing your (hot) 50K. Toe problems for an ultrarunner can become fairly ugly during and after a race. I've been lucky the last couple of years, and have avoided blisters and problems...(sound of me knocking on wood).

Happy trails,
Bad Ben