Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday Hill Repeats

The backbone of summer is broke here. The humidity has diminished, the shadows are getting longer...I love this late summer feel. The fields are full of purple and yellow flowers, the tree frogs and cicadas and other misc bugs are chirping.
I had a good afternoon run of hill repeats, 5 miles. This is on my 1/2 mile hill to the crest, 1/2 mile down the other side, so I can run up and over and then repeat. I have some weird pain going on like right at my left hip area, I don't know what is up with that. I did a bunch of gimpy running, and now I am gimpy walking. I hope it works itself out. Maybe I should stretch a bit more.
I put the call out for folks on the Mohican Yahoo Groups for a run on August 26. I am meeting a woman that we were introduced through email. Then I mentioned it to another local, who probaly will go, so I thought maybe I could get a bunch of runners out, the more the merrier.

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