Thursday, October 12, 2006

C-cold Run Today

Well it happened. The first cold run of fall. It was in the 40's today, and pretty windy, the weather channel said "felt like 36". Luckily, I had my windshirt in my vehicle since I haven't really unpacked all the running gear for the last month, and it came in handy. The gloves that I had already worn at the Akron marathon must have made their way to the house, so my hands were cold for the first mile or so.
It was still a beautiful run. I went up a township road that I had never run before-because I just got my new Garmin 205 and can run again anywhere and know my mileage!!
Our fall foliage has just about peaked. I kept going up and up this township road, and was rewarded with a gorgeous view of orange and yellow trees, green pastures, black dots which were cows out there grazing. It made me happy that I kept going up the hill, because I do have some knots in my quads that I need to work out. And I ran by a homestead where there were at least 15 dogs tied up--and they all started howling as I ran by. I was just happy no dog uprooted the stake they were tied to (I hate to see dogs tied up like that) and came after me.
The road at the top of the hill intersected another township road. I started running down it, then hesitated. It was such a temptation to take the "road less traveled" and just see where I ended up; but reality was I was hungry, tired, and cold, and not entirely certain that the road would intersect with a road that would take me back to my vehicle. So I used caution, and just retraced my steps. Hopefully a glance at a local map will help me create a new "around the block" route on these untravelled country roads.

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rick said...

40s!!! Brrrr....