Sunday, October 22, 2006


I had a day off today. I slept in until 730am, really late for me! Then I cleaned house, and then we went outside and did chores-cleaned leaves out of gutters, brush-hogged, spread straw on all the mud patches where the dogs track mud into the house, cut some branches out of trees. This didn't leave me feeling like doing much excercise, so I called it a rest day.
My workouts for the week are light, 4 or 6 mile runs. That's cool because I need to get a massage after work and make an appointment to get my eyes tested so I can get new contact lens. I'm on my last pair and the last thing I want is to have to wear my glasses during my race!

I started back on WW today; I had WW Online reset my weight. I was getting rather tired of seeing my original weight of 225 lbs; that was several years ago and really isn't the issue anymore. Don't get me wrong, losing 75 lbs totally changed my life and lifestyle. Here is my weight loss website that I created several years ago. I've gained about 25 lbs back now, and that's what I am concentrating on losing now.
I am going to follow the "Core" WW plan this time. You aren't really journalling your food intake and points, which freaks me out a bit; in fact, you only keep track of points that are not on the "Core" food list. The "Core" is really about eliminating the sugars and white foods from the diet, which is really what I am interested in. I saw a friend on Friday, who has lost about twenty pounds around his mid-section and looks great, and he did it all by eliminating bread and those nasty white sugars from his diet. So he really inspired me; if he can do it, I can do that.


olga said...

Awesome weight loss, Kim! I need to follow my sugar elimination more strict - lets do it together! I don't eat sugar or sweets, nor pasta, but I do eat white race and bread (even though whole grain - it is still processed food).
Thanks for the reminder!

Sarah said...'ve come a long way! Good luck your WW program. : )

Kim said...

Thanks! I eat alot of white rice. I cooked some brown rice up yesterday to eat.