Friday, October 13, 2006

Planning a Running Route

I consulted Google Maps today...a good thing I did not travel down the road less travelled yesterday. The road intersected another road, which would have then led me back to road my vehicle I was on...had I looked at the map earlier..but now I know, and have a new "around the block" to run.
I had running route angst this morning, mainly because it was so cold and windy, and I did NOT want to consider a long run on Saturday morning. And all my normal routes looked so boring..and I didn't have time to drive over to Mohican...and the deer hunters are in the woods at Salt Fork...and I was so I looked at Google Maps again, and used Sue & Paul's Gmap Pedometer thingy and made myself a long convoluted route on back township roads around here. I admired the map, then realized it would take me an hour to write down where all I was running for my husband, so he would know where I was. Then I had the bright idea: "Why not just run to town and back?" It's out and back. This was my original idea when all the whining just looked nice and simple after the extensive map routing. I'll run to town, to the gym, it's exactly ten miles, use the restroom, get water, then run home on a different road. Twenty miles! Easy!

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