Sunday, October 15, 2006

Running Bag Packed

Well, I had to work today, so no run for me. But I have a 10 mile run scheduled for tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. I'm running the route I did last Thursday, along with the 'road less travelled' and see how many miles it will take me to get back to my vehicle. I'll carry a water bottle and a gel. It should be about 62 degrees,which will feel balmy after that Saturday run. I plan on practicing ultra-running technique: powerwalking all the uphills, running the downhills. The race date is approaching rapidly.

My final training for the Masochist has begun in earnest...I have started surfing the web and reading every race report and comment I can find about the race. . Horton, or David, or Dr Horton, or whatever you want to call him kind of scared me when he sent out the elevation map of the course. I had to query several ultra-friends about when altitude becomes a problem when running..they assured me it was at a much high altitude than the Mountain Masochist I am going with that assumption!!!
I've beeen training for David's race since the spring. Running 61 miles at Mohican gave me a huge confidence boost about the distance...I know I can run 50 miles...or 54 miles...the question is, can I meet the cut-offs...
So this is where the positive self-affirmations start, learning about the course, about whether I need to carry food or water, what shoes to wear. What will the weather be November 4? It's a bit later than the races before, will this be a cold race. What to wear, where are the drop bags located. Should I stash dry clothes along the way in case I drop or time out...I post this because I am a newby to this race. I have a very positive attitude about running the race, but I also want to be realistic and not freezing in case I have to drop...another up and down emotion in the race day planning.


Jack said...

I have been looking at a couple ultras for next year here in Germany, but they have pretty low cutoff times. When we are on the borderline I guess we just need to give it our best shot and go for it!

olga said...

Kim, have the best of times out there at Masochist!!! I am going to miss it so much!