Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taper Time

I have my drop bag (only one!! at mile 26.9!) packed. I have my race day clothes and gear all packed. I have my bag packed for post-race. I haven't packed the 'overnight bag' with the non-running clothes yet, that is last minute and can wait. I have everything checked off my list, except for a few items to buy sometime this week.I have downloaded more songs to my iPod-not to listen to on the trail, to listen to in my vehicle on the drive to the race.
Now I remember what else to do-a list of the cut-off times at the aid stations and maybe put the elevation map on the other side, so I can see what is ahead of me.

It's been a lazy weekend here. We had horrible weather, gusting winds, snow, sleet, rain, so I didn't get my run in. I am getting ready to go outside and run today. It's warmed up to fifty but it's still terribly windy out there.

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Anonymous said...

looks like this race lives up to its name. good luck out there!
ps: i love packing for a race. such a good feeling. :-)