Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Treadmill Run

It was raining after work today so I decided to use the treadmill instead. I just hate starting runs in the rain; starting races in the rain is okay, I can do that.
So I ran 95 minutes on the treadmill; arrghhhh. It was good there was some trash TV on to watch,TLC's "Take Home Chef" .
My dog, Tino, decided to take the shortcut
across the back of treadmill; luckily I was still just walking. He slid off just the same. Silly dog. He maintained a respectful distance after that.


rick said...

He'll never do that again. Yeah if it rains during the workout then so be it but starting in the rain is just the worst. I don't know what's worse though, treadmill or rain. Maybe if my YMCA had trash tv.

Ryan said...

I wish we had cable...nice job at your race and way to conquer the long run of 6.5 hrs! I plan to do a lot of walking at SC50 too but it's a fairly flat course MM50 has some crazy elevation...good luck with your training!

olga said...

Sheesh, 95 min on treadmill! That's dedication!
Good job on half, Kim!

Anonymous said...

i'm with you in that i prefer the rain to start after i'm already running. it doesn't make sense since it catches us unprepared, but who says running (specially ultrarunning) has to make any sense, right?