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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Run

I shortened the run today. After about 2 miles, I felt a twinge in my IT Band. I was kind of ignoring it, then thought better. So I ran 5 miles and got a nice stretching session in. I have really neglected my stretching, feeling guilty for getting home so late after run/races, and haven't been paying enough attention to that.
I tried to do some logistics planning in the middle of my all day meeting (full attention wasn't needed..) and realized I have no idea of what the weather will be like in the mountains of Virginia. And the race is a week later than before. So I will probaly bring about 4X the amount of race clothes with me, so I have all options covered!
Yeah. And it's almost taper time. I think that will begin after my final fall race, the "Stomp the Grapes" 1/2 Marathon.

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Ryan said...

It's getting close...packing for races is so much fun! I'm looking forward to reading about your experience at MMTR...it's on the top of my list of ultras to do!