Sunday, December 17, 2006

Injini Socks

I ran wearing the Injini socks yesterday. I put them on with no Bodyglide or any lubriant. They seemed to work realy well. My right big toe hurt a bit, and I think there might have been some fabric bunched around it. I am washing them and will wear them on my trail run December 23. I have read on the internet that some people will wear these, with another pair of socks over them-what is the purpose of the second pair of socks? To help preserve the life span of the Injini?


Papa Louie said...

I love wearing my injini socks while hiking/running. I bought them with the intention of rubberizing the bottoms so that I can run with only the socks on. Oh, shirt and pants too.

olga said...

The second pair is for fricktion motion (sp?). When the two socks move against each other, it prevents a foot to move against the sock layer, thus protects from blisters.
Personally, I wear a double-sock that's made up as a double layer already.
Hope you like I-sock!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Let me know how the socks work out.

Anonymous said...

Just searching for the spelling of Injinji when I came across your site. (I'm too lazy to get up and go to my sock drawer! Funny, since I run halfs at the moment, with ultras on the horizon for me.) I've been running barefoot on and off for the past 6 months, still transitioning. Are you running with the Injinji socks only, no shoes? I use them under my Vibram FiveFingers, but when I want to run with only socks, I use a cheap pair I can throw out later. Maybe others are wearing a pair of regular socks over the Injinji socks to protect them from getting worn through. I know at $12 a pair, they're not cheap.