Thursday, December 14, 2006

Run today!

This was the run I was looking forward to all day. I got out of work a little early and rushed outside. Hey, where was the 60 degree weather? It was cool and overcast. Well, maybe it was 58 or so, either way, I would take it.
This was my 'around the block' run from the gym, it's actually 9.4 miles. Out on country roads, up one ridge, down the ridge, and then you climb the same ridgeline on the next road over. Two cars passed me in my 1.51 hour run. Yes, it's that deserted, I love it!

I had a bunch of aches and pains on this run. My right hamstring, my chronic condition, started to hurt around mile 3 as I attempted to run briskly uphill. Then the same dull pain in the right leg that I had at the FA on Saturday started-I finally realized it was my groin. It hurt enough that my running seemed a bit off.

Despite my aches and pains, I kept up a good pace for the run. I just wish I could figure out my new Garmin 205 to get it to record mile laps.
I got back to the gym and did my stretching, but it was not as productive as it usually is. The temperature was dropping as it became dark on my run, and it was quite windy. I still felt pretty stiff after stretching, and the hamstring was really tight.

You have to check out this Race Director Report for the Tecumseh Trail Marathon. Wow! Talk about troubles, and still managing to pull off a successful race! I've heard this is a very good trail run.

I got an email back from UnderArmour Customer Service. They want me to call them. So I did, and sat on hold for five minutes, then gave up. I'll try them from work tomorrow and put it on speakerphone so I can continue to work while I hold.
I started buying UnderArmour compression shorts in May, right before my Mohican Run. I've pretty much worn them all summer, fall and now winter long. (I have three pair of the same shorts.) Well, the seams split on the original pair on the inner thighs. Yes, my legs rub together there, but I think shorts should last longer than 6 months. Especially when they cost 27.99. In contrast, I have a pair of Adidas shorts that are 5 years old and look pretty brand new. So I emailed UnderArmour, telling them I do love their products (I do, I wear alot of UA) but shorts need to last longer.
So it seems they might do something for me. (I want a new pair of shorts.) If I can just get through on the phone. Sounds like another endurance event to me.
But hey, I'm an ultra runner, I can be an ultra 'holder on the phone' too!!

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