Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Running in a SKIRT

I don't know whether the exempted Village of Newcomerstown was ready for a skirt..it seemed like I got more than my usual goggles as I was out running today. I got out of work a bit later than I planned so I only ran 4 miles "around the block" as I call it, from my gym. It was a caveman-oh sorry, cavewoman run, I forgot my watch and other gadgets. I did have my iPod and my backup earbuds, so I cranked up the tunes and ran. It was a nice run too, temp in the fifties, and a really effortless run for me. I got back to the gym and did some good stretching out also.
Ok, back to the skirt...I really liked running in it. My skirt is from Skirtsports. I wear a 10/12 on the bottom and this skirt was a Large. I probaly would be a bit more comfortable in a XL (unless I lose a little weight.) It's very comfortable. I used the pocket to stash my iPod in. I did have my normal inner-thigh chafing, but not so much in these colder weather. I was a bit hesitant about wearing it out today, then I thought, why not, I'm not showing any more leg than I have before.
I felt very girlie in this skirt- girlie in a good way. Like yes, I am a female, and I have some hawt legs, even being 40 years old, and my quads look way better than your quads, and oh yeah, see you at the finish line! I also had a pink visor on, from Headsweats and I left all my silver jewelery on. AND I had painted my nails on Sunday, so this was about the most girlie run I have done--ever! I felt so girlie in my skirt, I left my running clothes on when I had to hit the grocery store after the workout!

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Elizabeth said...

I am tempted to get one of these. Let us know if you continue to enjoy running in it!