Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trail Run! Trail Run!

I ran 6 miles today. I started in the local park, on the bike asphalt trail. I decided I would try out the trail which runs around the golf course. I had been thinking about this trail for awhile, then a minor landslide had closed the trail. Now the sign was gone, so I thought I would see what this path was about. So I started up the trail. I don't think it was actually open, since there was a little ravine where the hill had slid away, but hey I'm an ultrarunner I just climbed down, then climbed back out on the other side.
This was a nice little trail, totally leaf-covered, so I was kicking up plenty of rocks and roots. I enjoyed it, then the trail ended and a sign pointed to another trail, stating it was 1.5 miles long.
Woohoo!! So I started up this new trail!!! Lots of ups and down, I was running just below the crest of the hill. There were rocks, and roots, and it reminded me of Mohican. Now this was the trail that my ultra friend Rich and Wendy had told me about!
The trail stopped at the side of a golf course. I looked around for more trail signs, then I remembered Rich talking about the trail, about how you had to run over part of the golf course to pick up the trail again. So I did, and managed to find the trail. The trail was even better on this side, no leaves, single track, up and down-wow, I was having so much fun.
I ended back on the asphalt trail for another two miles, to make it a nice 6 mile workout.
So I have found about a 3 mile section of trail to run, right from work practically.
So I can actually run 6 miles on this! Instead of running on the staid little asphalt bike path, I can run trails!! My endorphins were pretty high as I ran this and thought about all the possibilities. I could run this into the dark-in fact, this would be good training for me to run into the twilight, and into the dark, and try out my lights!
Can you tell I am stoked about the new trail running opportunitiy?

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Sarah said...

How cool to find a new trail close-by!