Friday, January 19, 2007

Elliptical Today

It was cold and very windy today, and I felt wimpy, so I went to the gym and did 8 miles, in 76 minutes on the elliptical. It was a good workout, I love the elliptical. I crank up my music and go. It's so brainless, so automatic. You can listen to loud music and just veg out and sweat.
I got some good stretching in also.
Tomorrow is a nice 20 mile run. I think I will establish base camp at the gym, and run on the country roads that I haven't been on since it gets dark so early. I have a normal 11 mile route "around the block" to the gym, and with the Garmin 205 help, I can extend that a bit further. On one of my country backroads, I have been wanting to run further up a different hill and see the view of the other side..tomorrow I get to do that. Maybe I will carry the camera to see what the view brings.

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