Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday run

I only ran 11.67 miles today. I just didn't plan the new route very well. So I think tomorrow, I will attempt my original 20 mile. (The plan was 20 miles on Sat, 10 on Sunday.) So I am just flipping the miles.
It was a bit cold out today, 20 degrees. The first 1/2 mile was miserable. I was really cold, in just a singlet, one long sleeved shirt, tights, hat, gloves, shoes. I kept going, because I knew I would get warmed up rather quickly. This was a 'around the block' route from my gym, with extending the route out to the next county roads, but it only extended my run by 2 miles or so.
Two Jack Russell terriers attacked me in the first two miles. They didn't try to bite, but just dance excitedly around me, it was hard to shoo them toward home.
On my new section of unknown roads, I always keep a wary eye and ear out for loose dogs. The most interesting feature on this route was two huge pens of fenced in deer-white tailed deer. These fenced in pastures had the proper fences to keep deer in, about ten feet high fences. I wonder what that was all about. There was both male and female deer in the pens. I thought it was a bit sad, deer are wild creatures, and should be out roaming, not fenced in like that.
I got back to the gym and quickly changed to dry clothes. That is what I hate about winter running, I get chilled so quickly. I did a bit of stretching, but my hamstring was still really tight. Some ibuprofen helped with that later.

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ErieTom said...

Good luck on the 20 miler on Sunday Kim! I'm going to try for around 15 to 20 myself since I wimped out on the slippery / snowy trails today at about 6 miles / 90 minutes. Nearly killed myself a couple of times on hills so I figured I'd better call it quits and try again Sunday.