Saturday, February 03, 2007


"There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing."

Yes, that is true. And my clothing was inappropriate! I managed two loops around the gym, both about 4 miles each. On the first loop I overdressed-tights, running pants over them; a bra,singlet, two long-sleeved shirts, and a wind shirt. A hat,scarf, and gloves with army knit mittens over them.
I ended up sweating up a storm, as usual, all layers on top were wet. When I stopped after the first loop, my running bra was completely soaked too, but I didn't have a spare. So I left it on, and just added one short-sleeved DriFit shirt and a really warm knit top-then my arms froze on the second loop.
I fought with my scarf the whole first loop. It slid down off my face around the third mile, so I just ignored it. Around mile 4 I noticed my lips and cheeks were getting numb. I pulled the scarf back up.

After the two loops, I just decided to bag it. It just wasn't worth the numb body parts, the worse-than-normal drivers, and getting accosted by dogs (I guess when its really cold out it's okay to let your big dogs run loose).

It still was a good run though. I was happy to get 8.5 miles in. It was a beautiful morning to run in, the moon was still in the sky when I started, and everything was covered in whiteness here this morning. I think I will look at this as I've begun my tapering for my marathon next weekend..


ErieTom said...

Way to go Kim, those had to be some tough miles! My trail running was tough yesterday, the snow was deeper and less packed than normal, so it required more effort... had to go sloooow to keep my heart rate down for that aerobic base-building I'm doing.

Today is Jim's birthday - 48 - same as me for a few months.

ErieTom said...

I shoveled the drive for 45 minutes and then decided, what the hell, I'm going for a trail run - if Kim can do it, I can do it! So I got 2.5 hours in this afternoon, just got back. I'm going to call it 9.5 miles in my log. It was slow going for the first 90 min especially since I was breaking trail... eventually some cross-country skiers showed up and helped open the trail up better. The Yaktrax Pro's really helped today!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

You will do great on your marathon!

Kim said...

Tom, you are so funny. we are so susceptible to peer pressure. I hope you stayed inside today, you are getting our conditions from yesterday!
Right now it's 10 and getting colder!

Teechur said...

Hey Kim! Tory here (msteechur...I don't know if you remember me). I swear by the balakalava or neck gaitor instead of the scarf. I have a full head gaitor too that I use in really cold temps.

Email me. I'm new to trail running and I'd love to chat with you about your trails and trials or trials on the trails. I think you ran your first marathon just a bit before I ran mine. I was going to do an ultra in March, but realized that while I can go long....looooong....loooooooong on the roads, doing the same with a time limit and a 4500 foot gain while tripping over roots was a way different story. So I'm training for a marathon in Apr and in June and doing some shorter trail races this year with an eye on the ultra next. I'm tory at teechur dot com. (I was on WW and WWU with you.)