Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snowy Saturday

I started my run at 8am this morning. My husband was able to follow my route closely by just poking his head into the rec room and see me still on the tread. Unlike Rob I only had a 10 miler today, an 8 mile run tomorrow. I'm sure they will all be on the treadmill. I do share his frustration with the weather though. I drove a side street on my normal running route and it's still snow and ice covered and unsuitable to run on. Running trails really wouldn't be the term right now-more like slogging through the snow. Our walk today with the dogs was the same as yesterday-breaking through the ice crust down into about six inches of snow.

I got out to see my friend Regis who was discharged from the hospital. He is groggy from his meds, but seemed to be following our conversation. His wife Di, and I, talked about his two runs on the Appalachian Trail. Regis successfully ran the entire AT in 2002. It was a good visiit, I was glad to see him still fighting and still with us.
Reg Jr happened to be home, so I got to discuss the fast approaching Umstead Race. Jr has run it before, so that good to discuss. Jr had a good point, with all the loops you run on Umstead, it can be a mental challenge to not stop at your nice warm car or bunk.

The snow continues to fall here, big fluffy snowflakes. It's sure alot easy to look at when you have already gotten your workout done for the day!

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Sarah said...

That's great you have your treadmill to fall back on when the weather doesn't permit an outdoor run!