Monday, March 12, 2007

Dog Gauntlet

The weather was great today, about fifty and overcast. I went out for my longer 'around the block' on the back country roads. Beautiful day. I like this course, I'm running on somewhat dirt/gravel roads. I am almost done with my run, running up the last hill, when the chocolate lab comes snarling out at me. I haven't seen him in a while...luckily he listens to his owner and stays on his property while I shuffle by..meanwhile, next house, about ten feet away, on my left this time, the husky German Shepherd bounds over the slope at me. I coo "hi handsome" to him, and his owner was also outside, and this dog ran back to him.I've encountered the Shepherd before and had no problem. The lab has bared his teeth at me before...I thought all labs were friendly. Still a very nice run. My quads are hammered though! This loop is very much up and down and I was finding the downhills a bit painful toward the end.

Endurance Planet
I have been a fan of They do interviews with endurance athletes, all sorts, ultrarunners, cyclists, triathletes. It's always been a personal interview. Now USA Triathlon has bought them out, and are presenting little five minute sound-byte interviews. Not really even an interview, just a person talking with responses from the interviewee cut in. I don't like it. They have probably turned me off this podcast. Does anyone have any recommendations for podcasts??


Josh said...

I liked endurance planet also. I haven't listen to any of the podcasts in a while, now I guess I wont be able to ever again, that sucks!

Josh said...

I think I am going to come up to Mohican on sunday to run with you all. I just hope I can find the covered bridge. its off SR 97, right?