Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gorgeous Run Day!!!

What a nice day to run Mohican. We had a crowd out there today! 13 runners!!! Woohoo! After running with one person or nobody, it was quite fun when we were all together at the start-rather loud in the woods!!
And as, runs go, folks started to separate. I moved toward the back to run with the last runner, who had a headache going. As he had not run Mohican before, I didn't want him to get separated-and we don't leave folks behind on these training runs.
Mike surprised me by coming out, as I thought he was still in Texas. That was cool, because he's my pacer for this thing!
Roy was late showing up, and we were getting ready to leave without him, since he knows *every place* and could easily catch us. As we all chatted and hopped up and down to stay warm, I noticed another group of folks getting adz's and shovels out. Thinking it was the Mohican Trail Clubs out for more trail maintenance, I wandered over to say hi. As I walked over, I recognized Ryan O'Dell the race director of the Mohican 100 Trail Run and the Mohican MTB 100. The bikers were getting ready to finish up the last section of their new bike trail.
We timed this run perfectly. This is mainly a bridle trail, and has large sections of mud in season. The mud was there, but mainly frozen. It's going to be a few weeks of dry weather before this is runnable again with all that mud!
I felt really good on this run. This probaly will be my longest run before Umstead. Nothing hurt, not my hamstring or even my ITB. I drank a Boost at mile 3, where I had it stashed. Not that I needed it then, but I wanted to see how it sat on my stomach. It was fine. I think this is something I can add to my drop bags for Umstead, as nutrition along the way.
I did have another blister on my arch-left foot as opposed to right foot of last weekend. I applied a piece of lambswool to it, but the blister was already there. I wore different socks, so I don't know whether it's the shoes (same shoes as last weekend) or the fact that my feet were wet for about the whole run today.
What a great run. I had my usual post race endorphins going. It was so nice to be out with Mo runners. I'm glad Regis (Jr.) came over with me, we had great chats on the drive over. It's nice to start knowing him better. Roy gave me some advice for the impending Umstead run, cautioning me the loops got longer as the race went on...good to know!!


Josh said...
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Josh said...

Great run! I was thinking about joining you guys, and now I think I should have. Hopefully next time I can be there.

Mike said...


Though I missed the dirty girl gaiters, I was glad to run with you! Crossing the streams is so much fun! I can't wait to do it when the temp is above freezing....

It was also nice meeting so many of the other runners, and getting to run and chat with Roy for a while. He really kept me moving for a while out there. We were cruising down some hills picking our spots and it was a rush. He probably wore me out for later in the run, but it was worth it for a training run.