Monday, March 19, 2007

Weather Check!

Weather Checking

I have gone and started it. Typed in Raleigh NC to check out the weather. OHmygod, it’s in the 70’s and even 80’s!! It’s still SNOWING here!!

It must warm up here soon. I need to acclimate!!! end panic weather rant.

Me and Mike at the Covered Bridge on Sunday. He's a tall guy!

I feel good after my long run yesterday, it’s more my stomach muscles from my lack of core workouts! It hurts when I cough! Got to get working on that now. Got to get some stretching in. The husband returns from his business trip today, so I think I will take the whole day off from working out and hang out with him.

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E-Speed said...

Hopefully we'll be in the 70s soon too!

Enjoy the rest day!