Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I didn't have any cool ones. I thought the wire to my iPod was a snake jumping out of the tree onto me-more than once. I thought I saw deer in the woods, but it was just runners up ahead around the bend. The only real hallucination would have been I saw a large mansion through the trees, but there were no houses in that area.

I feel surprisingly good. I actually didn't know how I would feel. I went to the podiatrist on Tuesday. He wasn't actually concerned about my blisters, he went ahead and removed my blacked big toenails! And then he removed another toe, which had blisters around it-I swear he took a 1/8 inch of skin off around it, my toe is shorter now. We discussed my blister problems. I have more strategies now. I think part of it was inability to treat out on the trail. Well, it won't be any easier at Mohican. I need to learn how to manage my blisters-or prevent them altogether.
I think I will buy more Injinji socks and add a thin pair of socks over them and see how that works next. And carry enough tape to properly take care of a blister. I had moleskin on the trail, but my feet were sweaty, and I couldn't get the moleskin to stick.
My quads are a bit stiff but I can go up and down stairs. They've been worse.
I'm going to the gym tomorrow to work on upper arms and back. My arms were great this time!! No soreness at all. See what weight training can do for you!


Josh said...

"And then he removed another toe,"

Geez Kim, you must have really messed up your feet!!

Jack said...

You're really an amazing runner, I think I would be trapped in the house for a week because I couldn't do stairs. Happy Easter!

tony said...

You probably already know this, but to go downstairs w/ sore quads, just turn around and go down backwards, holding onto the handrail of course. This uses hamstrings instead of tight, sore, quads. No tips for doing stairs w/ only 9 toes...hope that was a typo. Truly an incredible "feet", er a...I mean incredible feat!!

E-Speed said...

I am so lucky I don't have blister problems like yours! I hope you get it figured out!

Kim said...

LOL. Well it seemed like he removed another toe! He took enough skin off that one!

Sensationally Red said...

Wow! Your feet look like hell! Are you prone to blisters even during shorter races? From what I've read, some feet are just more prone than others. I'm one of the lucky ones with blisters--I rarely get them, but then again, I haven't gone beyond the marathon distance. Did you try wool socks? I'm sure you've tried everything, but you need to do brain storming. That must have been soooo painful! You are amazing!