Sunday, April 22, 2007

Short Run Today

In the interest of time, I did a 4 miler around the block. This goes 1/2 mile downhill, into the valley, then a 1/2 mile uphill. I ran the whole thing. It was kind of funny. I kept thinking about walking, then just kept going.
I've become a stronger runner too. The 1/2 mile uphill, in the past, I've been gasping and wheezing for breath at the top, or even near the top. Now, I wouldn't say I just scootered up the hill, but it was considerably less of an effort than it's been in the past.
I wore a new running skirt today. I now have three different ones, and I keep meaning to write a review of all three whenever I have time to collect my thoughts.

Lloyd managed to freak me out today. Mohican is eight weeks away!!!!!!!! I got to get over to Mo and get some more runs in. Dennis mentioned a trip to the parents this coming weekend...crap. I was planning on going to Mo.
I may go over to Mohican on Tuesday of this weekend. I need to check the weather forecast. Apparently the weather is going to get colder later in the week.


Addy said...

Great job on the fitness improvement! I still feel horribly inadequate at hills, but I'm trying to improve. It's very satifying to get up a hill without it beating you :)

Oh...and I'd love to hear about the running skirts. I've been considering trying one but haven't yet

Sensationally Red said...

Yeah, me too. I'm certainly curious on the running skirt thing. Why don't you blaze us a trail Kim?