Thursday, April 26, 2007

Skirt Review

I now own three running skirts. When I started running these longer races, I found it easy to wear compression shorts than deal with the short creep and chub rub that envitably happens. I really was not a fashion statement out there, but hey! I was comfortable.

I have found the Nike Power Skirt that works well. It has the longer compression shorts under it, with the skirt overlay.

It is very comfortable to run in. NO POCKETS THOUGH!!! The pic is courtesy of Mike's daughter from the Big Bear Lake 50k, don't I rock?

I have a running skirt from a new company called Atalanta Athletic Wear. This is a prettier skirt, with teal shorts under, and teal trim on the black skirt. The shorts did not seem to be as tight as the Nike, so I was a bit apprenhensive. I tugged on them a bit in the first ½ mile of the run, then kind of forgot about them, and they seemed fine. THEY HAVE POCKETS!!!!!!
Update on this skirt: I washed it, and have ran in it the last two days. It's been very comfortable and the shorts are not riding up.

The cutest skirt is the Triks, from It is PINK (hello, yes, we women like color!!!). It has built in panties (called spankies). I’m not sure whether I am supposed to wear underwear under the spankies, or if they are supposed to function as underwear?
Skirts However, I need compression shorts for my chub rub. I am going to wear these in the Pig marathon, mainly because I’m doing the fashion thing that day. ALSO NO POCKETS!!!!

I will be running about 25 miles tomorrow in the Atalanta running skirt and post a review of how it goes.


E-Speed said...

I've been considering a skirt. Can't wait for the Atlanta review, that skirt looks too cute!

Misty said...

Thanks for the review!
I have 2 skirts from with the spankies (no undies required. They have two small pockets and are available in just about everycolor. I also have 2 skirts from Athleta with baggier short like things underneath and no pockets. I like both styles.
Love the pink!

Anonymous said...

There is Triks skirt model that have compression short. I think it is a new model. They have large pockets in the compression short. I wore them at Umstead. Worked great.


Anonymous said...

just a little update... atalanta / has just released it's new "inspiration" skirt - with briefs instead of shorts. Comes in 5 fun summer colors...