Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tired Today

I've been tired today. (Duh, I wonder why, ran a good 25 miles on trails yesterday.) I went to the gym and did an abbreviated core workout. My left leg ITB Band is making itself known, which isn't good, since it was the right leg that I hurt last year. So more stretching for me and take better care of my legs.

I've actually had quiet time to myself and sat outside in the sunlight and pondered my drop bags/shoe changes for Mohican. I know it's 6 weeks off, but why not get these details down while I have the time to do so? I quibbled and scribbled, trying to figure out where I could leave shoes after which water crossings. The Mohican 100, if the small stream has dried up, will have 9 water crossings. 3 on the red (which you do twice) two on the green (which you do twice) and one crossing the Clear Fork River to the Covered Bridge. If the newer stream is high on the green, and you can't jump it, count on two more stream crossings. This makes figuring out sock and shoe changes challenging.
Do you need to change shoes or socks the entire 100 run? Or maybe twice? I don't know. I'm a solid experiment of one. I know the course now, and have run 1/2 of it last year, so I think I have a good opinion.
Shoe/Sock Changes:
Change from # 1 pair of shoes to # 2 pair. Rockpoint, 10 miles into race.
Wear # 2 shoes through green section (with one water crossing), Blue loop, Orange loop, back to COvered Bridge, with the river water crossing. Change into #3 Pair Shoes AND socks in Drop Bag.
Run Red Loop with three water crossings.
At RockPoint, change socks, keep same shoes. Run green section again (with one water crossing.) Run Orange loop again. Run Red loop, back to Rock point.
Change into Shoes # 1 that I left there 24 hours previous. AND new socks. Scamper on home to the campground, 10 miles to go.

So I need to buy a few more pairs of Injinji socks before Mohican!!


Tony said...

I would love for some more input / discussion on this sock / shoe change thing. I have toe blister / nail issues too. Are the Injinji socks working for you Kim? Are they wool? Will BR100 have many water crossings? Thanks for any help from anyone. Kim, you and your training are inspiring!

E-Speed said...

Hopefully I will be able to spot you at flying pig! Depending on my Brother in laws relays estimated finish (he's my ride back to a warm shower) I am hoping after I change and grab some grub I can get in a cool down walk backwards along the course so I may be able to cheer for you guys! Are you planning any post race festivities? What is your predicted pace?

Tim Looney said...

Hey Kim - I am thinking about the same things as WS gets closer. I am heading to REI this weekend to pick up some bags to use as drop bags and some more injini socks. Thanks for keeping me inspired. You are incredible.

Addy said...

Sounds like a great plan! I tried the layering injinji socks w/ wright socks (per the example set by you and another runner I know) for diablo and it worked perfectly! So, I think you guys are pretty brilliant for figuring that out :)

I'm really interested to see how all this shoe/sock changing goes for you. I don't even own more than one pair of trail shoes right now, but maybe when i get up to those distances I'll invest. Are all your shoes just different 'ages' or did you buy them at the same time and rotate?