Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two Left Feet

I found you can't just grab two purple Injinji socks and go. I changed into running clothes at work...and found I had two left socks. Oh dear. The Injini socks are molded too, so you can't just flip them over and make them fit.
I stopped at the "Dollar Store" and found a cheap pair of white crew socks...for one buck!! Sweet!!! The run was on!!
I ended up just doing 4 miles around the block from the gym. My ITB insertion point started to make itself known on the last mile, which concerned me a bit. I did stretch well after this run, and I now will get back into my normal stretching routine.

I saw that Horton has posted the sign up sheet for the 25th Mountain Masochist and there are already 111 runners signed up, and it is capped at 300. If you are interested at all you need to send in that app! I bet it will fill by mid May at the latest.


tony said...

Once again Kim, very helpful and practical. I also have huge toe / blister / toenail issues. Tried sizing up & down shoes, different socks, vaseline/bodyglide, toenails removed, etc. I'm going to try the Injinji socks you suggested, and easily could have grabbed "two lefts" also. I'll be careful now since you mentioned this.
Not sure if this would help you or others, but I've had some luck with a Dr Scholl's callus reducer. It's basically a 2 sided-file w/ a handle (cheap & at CVS) and I just keep toenails and blisters filed down, helps me a lot. Hope this isn't an overshare!! Thanks for all your insights and ideas!

cdnhollywood said...

I'm afraid I won't be at the Mountain Masochist, Kim. My racing policy clearly states that I do *not* register for any races whose title contains the word "masochist," among others. :P