Friday, June 22, 2007

Beautiful Day Out for a Run

Too bad I'm not doing one lol.. I am still in the tight grasp of a nasty cold. I went to work for three hours, then left and came home and took a nap. It didn't help, I still feel horrible. Oh well, it's just a cold,I will live.

But it is beautiful out, about 70 degrees, and I did perk up a little to actually feel like running. Other than my cold, my body feels just fine, ready to get back to some excercise.

I am almost convinced that I am going to Run the Bird this fall. This would be the Akron Marathon, the site of my first marathon in 2004.

But, you gasp, Kim, that's a road marathon!! You hate those!!!
Well, I do. I much prefer running on trails.

But my new goal in my running career is to get faster. To get faster, I am going to lose weight and run faster. Which means I will have to do something called speedwork. Plugging along at my poky ultra speed is not fast enough. So I am going to work on speedwork. Which means more running on roads.

I do run on roads right now, don't get me wrong. But most of my runs are at long slow speed. I think I need to shake things up a bit, develop some sort of running program. I am back to looking at Bob Glover's book, which I used for my first marathon training. Hence the idea of running Akron again, this time with the idea to beat my first time on the course and get alot closer to a sub 4 marathon.

So my running plans right now are:
Pacing Mikey at BR;
Do my fun run the next weekend at North Fork Mountain in WV;
Punxy 50K;
YUT-C 50K; (well, maybe I will just volunteer at YUT-C, since it's the weekend before Akron) and then Akron.

It's good to have short term goals again. Now I am off to swig some more cold medication. And go back to bed.


Josh said...

road races and speed work, two nasty concepts. I know how you feel, if we want to get faster we have subject ourselfs to this torture :((

Sensationally Red said...

Kim...we are soul sisters! My first marathon was the Bird in 2004! And yes...I'd like to get faster too and flippin hate the mention of "speed work". You go girl! I hope you're feeling better.

Kim said...

Josh-how does the saying go? "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"

Red-maybe we can do some virtual and real training for the Bird. I usually come up and run the hills through Sand Run before the race to remember what they are like.