Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dean's At it Again

He is attempting a 24 hour run on a treadmill in Times Square..

Funny, isn't it, with 3.5 hours left, that I can't see how many miles he has run?

Sorry, Mike, to dis your your man, but that's all we are going to hear ad nauseum on the Ultra List until Western States starts.

Oh, and also, I would be pissed if I had entered the lottery, and NOT gotten in, and found that Karnazes had gotten in, and then blew off his entry to do his Endurance Stunt. But that's just me.

On one hand, I have nothing against Dean Karnanazes. He is an excellent runner. His publiciy agent tends to blow things a bit out of the water, like no one has done 50 States in 50 days before Dean, or the current blurb about him "tackling 200 miles alone". I have a friend who ran across the USA, without any support, so Dean has noting on him.
But on the other hand, his press releases make it sound like NO ONE has done these phenomenal feats before. And maybe that's ultra running own fault, we don't like to publicize. But wheh I hear Dean advertised as "America's Best Runner" I can't help but think about Karl Melzer, Anton Krupicka, Jurek, before I think about Dean. In fact, I would have to say Melzer would be #1 with his races in this last year.


Mike said...

I got no problem with the dissing of Dean, but I won't be jumping on board. I do think it is funny that as he slipped from the record contention, Accelerade changed the camera views to where you could no longer see his progress. Looks like I will be trying some other drinks like Clip2 and so on.....

What was it you were drinking at Mo?

And I fully recognize the existence of many superior runners to Dean....Karl, Jurek, Yannis.....I am kind of impressed by Tim Twietmyer too....

Oh yeah, and there is also Josh Dillingham.

Kim said...

Josh rocks! He's young and in a good profession too, ladies, and he's cute!!! (Only serious female runners need apply!!) And he's a good runner!!

I drank your cold-infested water at Mo. Hence now I am drinking fortified wine trying to drive bugs away. Not working so well.

Mike said...

I want to go on the record here, and I was thinking of making a post about this.

I have one running hero...and Dean isn't it.

Right now, if you asked me who my running hero is, it is Dick Hoyt. Bar none.