Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mountain Bike 100 Volunteer Report

I woke up at 6 am, after getting to bed around midnight...I stretched and didn't move...kind of nice to be at a race and not be off.
Nick, Reg, and I had two duties. Proof a bit of trail that had signs stolen last year during the race, then go play race marshall on an intersection. The proofing was quick then we headed out to find the intersection..
Which was interesting, because I knew exactly what intersection we were headed for. The mountain bikers have their own trail. For this race, they hop off the mountain bike trail for small mileage on the bridle trail. Well, these two courses intersect. So we had bikers going out on the mountain bike trail, they would loop around and then head downhill on the bridle trail.
The problem was, while we knew exactly where this was in trail terms, we weren't quite sure what road we were looking at. But we found it, did the quick hike up a brutal hill, and took our spots about five minutes before the pros came through!

It was a fun few hours. With this intersection, it helped that I looked uptrail one way, while Reg watched the intersecting trail. We had to play traffic cop numerous times to make sure riders yielded the right of way. Bikers were very courteous and always saying thank you, that was very nice.
We saw the elite go through and watched them float effortlessly downhill. As time went on, the middle crew and the back of the pack took the downhill much more cautiously that the front riders. This was very cool to see all the different riding styles out there. Some guy was riding the race in denim jeans--we all wondered what his story was. There had to be a reason he was in that garb.
Nick ran backwards along the biker trail to report that we had the last rider in front of us. I then went for a run on the loop to meet up with the last few folks still riding and see where the last biker was. I really enjoyed this mountain bike section. I think, after Mohican 100 Trail Race, we need a group run on the mountain bike sections to see how enjoyable they can be.
I got back to Nick and Reg, and they told me the last two bikers had come through, so we called Ryan (one of the pluses of being on the top of a ridge, the cell phone actually worked) the RD and told him we were heading back to Camp Nuhop. I enjoyed my race marshalling; I may have to volunteer for this post again and bring a few others.
Once back at Camp Nuhop we had to sit and hydrate and sample the Sierra Nevada keg that had just been opened...and cheer on the 100K riders coming in. It is always fun sitting on the other side of the finish line cheering on folks. One of the 100K biker dudes, who finished in the top 10, (may have been 6 or so) ran across the finish line. He had ran the last 4.5 miles in because his bike was broken!!! What a way to finish! And he must have been one of the fast bikers, to finish that high, with a run to end his race!
We left around 3pm, even though most of the riders weren't out there. It was kind of interesting to see bikers after the end of their 100 mile race-they weren't so trashed mentally and physically after 100 miles like us runners are-they looked ready and willing to drain that keg of beer and maybe some more!!

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Sensationally Red said...

Cool...about the guy running the last 4.5. Biking 100 sure isn't the same as running 100--probably no comparing the two. I'm sure their feet looked better too. ;-)