Thursday, June 14, 2007

Race Advice from the bloggers

From the Trail Goat:
) Never give up. Never Surrender.

2) When things get really bad.....take care of your body with food and meds and get back out there. You can have an incredible turnaround in a relatively short period of time.

3) Put you head down and run like hell in the last 10 (20?) miles.....pain will be secondary to your improving time and you will eat up real estate at the end.

4) Go out relatively conservative (and smartly) early on.

5) No matter how bad you can turn it around and do your best toward the end. "It never ever always gets worse"

6) Don't over train AND taper well....your base is well established and you will be better off rested than running a lot up to the race even though you may think you are not in the best of shape. Muscle memory is there for those who have run a lot over the years.

From the Cool Running Ultra Forum:
Relax and enjoy the adventure.
Walk EVERY hill
No stopping- always keep moving forward.
No turning back- always keep moving forward.
Hydration is key- drink one bottle of Accelerade per loop
make sure to urinate frequently.
No wasting time at the aid stations. In and out quickly.
Only sit down if there is a foot problem.
No discussion of not finishing.
Set small goals and move towards each one. Then do it again.
Eat food along the course. See attached list.
Take one salt tablet each loop.
Pacer to do my thinking for me.
Keep ahead of issues/problems.

to monitor-
-blisters, treat immediately!
-swelling of fingers/toes. Electrolyte imbalance.
-changing to dry shoes/socks.
-dry shirt.

Miles 66-69 are supposed to be most difficult mentally.
Never ask how I am feeling. We know how I’ll be feeling, now let’s think positive!
Keep me on pace. Do the math and be honest as to where we are.
Make sure pacer takes care of himself too.

Relax and enjoy the adventure.
Take lots of photos.
Change clothing for night run ahead of time as required.
Decide when we will need to take the flash lights.
Use espresso beans for a quick jolt in the middle of the night.
Absolutely NO quitting until we
Walk for ½ hour
Stop and sit for ½ hour
Discuss this and are in agreement that it’s impossible.

Always a classic from John M:
Some odds and ends

Believe in yourself--nothing else will get you to the finish line.

Decide before you start what will stop you--if that doesn't happen, you continue.

Are you racing or running? Time goal (sub-24, big buckle, age group) or running to finish. Don't let the initial goal be etched in stone. Something may go wrong out there--adjustments will need to be made. Make them and keep going.

Run your plan. Stay within your realm. Don't feel bad if someone passes you. Don't chortle with glee if you pass someone. Keep a sense of what you are about. Keep pressing on, maybe it is one of those good days when you pick it up and keep on picking it up.

Have faith in walking. Walk when you need to or when you want to, but walk with survival shuffle...keep a good mindset and walk with a purpose.

Be sure your crew (if you have one, a crew is not a necessity) understands that you might go through a transition from nice person to "not so nice" person. Have a talk with them about the need to kick your butt back out on the course. Sympathy may exist, but not to the extent of shortchanging the runner.

Problems. Is it a problem or just an inconvenience? Decide which. Find a solution for the problem. Block out the inconvenience.

Food. Stick with the safest food there is at the aid stations. Use as much of your own stuff as you can, but don't be inflexible about things not being just perfect. Be flexible as you go.

Equipment. If some equipment change comes into your head--is it a need or a want. If it is a need, solve it at the next crew or drop bag point. If it is a want and can't be fixed fairly easily, drop the thought--keep

Throwing up, vomiting, coughing the may happen even if it has never happened before. It is not fatal. It is an inconvenience. You need more water between the point it happens and the next aid station (it does dehydrate). Drink more. Stay at the next aid station long enough to drink and eat more. Your body is now low on fuel and water. You must pay attention to eating more. You can restore the liquids fairly quickly, but you must eat every chance you get. Try not to throw up on anyone :| .

Don't stop. Keep moving. Low points will come, continued movement will bring you back around. Don't sit in those chairs unless you really need to--you will not really need to until somewhere past 80 miles.

Be encouraging to others. Smiles and laughter will be helpful to others. Helping others will be helpful to yourself.

Smile and joke with the aid station folks and say thank you to the volunteers. They will help you all through the day and night good to them. They are a great source of energy and inspiration donating all that time to get us through our little escapade.

No externalizing of negatives. No, "Hot out here, ain't it?" No, "This is a long hill, eh?" Just believe in yourself, all that training, all those folks you ran with throughout the winter, spring, and summer that got you so strong.

It's all there...yours for the taking.

Run gently out there.


tony said...

Ok Kim, it's almost GO TIME! One last wish for a great adventure at Mohican 100!! As I read your blog pre-ultra, I see how physically ready and well-prepared you are...and it helps me a lot for BR!
So thanks for your blog efforts! I'll also be watching post Mohican, your recovery etc, and just wishing the best for you!
Godspeed Kim!! Tough as nails!!
You're a Trail-Warrior!!

E-Speed said...

I am picturing you chortling with glee as you pass runners and I am cracking up!

You are going to do so great out there!

Good Luck! Run smart and run tough, you are going to rock it!

Caren said...

Kim good luck! You're clearly well-prepared for this. You go girl.

Ryan said...

Great attitude and thanks for the handy tips!

Good luck out there and remember to take it slow it’s a procession not a race, efficient running, good form and proper fueling will carry you to the finish line!

Addy said...

Hope you have such an awesome time out there this weekend. You really are so ready and will do great out there on the course. That's a great list of things to remember ("try not to throw up on anyone" gotta love a sport where that's the concern :D). Can't wait to read about your adventure!

Sensationally Red said...

You've got it all together. What a fabulous composite of very well thought out tips...and I know you will heed them all because you are ULTRA KIM!!! You go girl!!!

Lloyd said...

I so needed to read all of this.

See you at MO!