Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th-Again

But hey, it's still Friday!!!

A race this weekend..that I am not running..going to be on the other side of the table, volunteering. The Buckeye Trail 50K is Saturday morning. Myself and a neighbor ultra runner, Gabe, are driving up tonight and will be at registration about 530am. Gabe actually wants to run it but the race is capped out. He may luck out into a no-show.
Everyone is running this. If I am at registration and don't recognize you, please introduce yourself-Red, Maria, Brett, ChefBill--I know you Josh, no need for introductions, you can just genuflect in my direction. It looks like good conditions for the race, maybe actually decent temps for a change!

I got a run in yesterday, 4 miles on the bike trail in the local park system. Sometimes a run is just a run. I was feeling anti-social, so I donned both the sunglasses and the iPod. Played with music until I hit Loreena McKennitt. Her music is kind of a Celtic/New Age (hate that term). Sometimes (gasp) it's not all rock and roll.

I really need new road shoes. I've got three pairs of road shoes, and they've hit about their maximum mileage. Now I just have to figure out what version of Saucony I need to buy-I was wearing the Trigon-3 which was discontinued as soon as I found I liked them. Bought the Trigon-4 didn't like the insert so much. Who knows, they are probably know on the 8.76 model, maybe that one will work.

Have a good weekend. I should have pics from the race Sunday!!


E-Speed said...

check DSW and see if they have your trigon 3! I was lucky and got the wave rider 9s instead of 10s :)

See you tomorrow morning! Thanks for volunteering your time to help out!

tony said...

Kim...hope you enjoy your weekend, and so cool you are giving back as a volunteer to help others enjoy their race!

E-speed or someone...who is DSW? Guessing a shoe company / warehouse, but any info is appreciated, thanks!

KeepOnRunning said...

Have fun this weekend. take plenty of pics for the site!!!

if you like a cushy ride (really who doesnt like a cushy ride) try on a pair of the ProGrid Triumph 4. when I bought 1 pair, they were so comfy I bought 2 more in case they discontinued them. Ran Rocky Racoon 100 this year in a pair of them that had 3 miles on em before the race. no blisters to speak of (banged a toe and lost the nail but the shoe couldnt help that).

Sensationally Red said...

Hope to see you in the morning Kim! God knows I could use a good long run to get me out of my funk. If this doesn't shake it out of me--nothing will. Very glad about the weather, but it's making a mess of my sinuses. I'm going heavy on the cayenne pepper spray! Thanks for coming volunteering!

Josh said...


Is that Adrew from Alabama, with the dreamy eyes???

KeepOnRunning said...

she's say I am.... I say she's crazy, but I'm flattered non the less.

Kim said...

DSW is Dallas Shoe Warehouse, they are all over, thanks Elizabeth I never thought about checking there for running shoes!

Yes,Josh, didn't you look at his eyes~you had to ask???

Mike said...

NOW I know why we are running Rocky all makes sense! It takes me so long...I should have known. :-)

Addy said...

have a great time volunteering this weekend :)

Look forward to photos!

KeepOnRunning said...

Hayy, all I promised was a weekenf of some good ole' southern hospitality!! but we're always happy to have yall come down and run our trails.

I am planning to take yall to one of the best southern cooking cafe's you'll ever come across, and if you dont go home 5 pounds heavire from RR, we havent done our job right :)