Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gym Workout

I opened one eye at 0530 and knew a long run wasn't happening today. So the dogs actually let me sleep in until 0630. It is a bit strange to not really have a running schedule, that I don't obliged to be doing something.
But of course I have to be something so I went to the gym, got harassed for not being there for a month! and did an abbreviated version of my core workout. Whew I can tell I have slacked off! It should be a interesting core workout on Monday when all my muscles will feel it.

I had a interesting project proposed by a friend last night; maybe today some details will get discussed.

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tony said...

Kim, honestly I have not been lifting at all either. Just have not got back to it since before Cleveland Marathon. Luckily my gym is in my basement, so I only get mocked by the spiders.I know you stay busy too, and there's just so many hours in the day...ok, I'm making excuses.