Friday, July 20, 2007

How to Make Kim Run Faster

I was really hoping it was going to be a nice started out that day, with being able to get into a pair of pants that hadn't fit a few weeks ago. That's enough to make a woman's day right there!
Then I got a surprise gift at work..

Is this not the greatest T-shirt or what??? I'm going to wear this to the pasta dinner Friday night before Burning River to put everyone on notice.

It was a perfect day for a run. Blue skies, big white cottonball clouds, 72 degrees...

Now occassionally, or actually very regularly, the Trail Goddess has to venture out on roads to get her miles in. BUT this is the type of country I get to run in. Am I lucky or what? This is part of my 'around the block' loop from the gym.

So I paused at the top of the hill, and decided to set the camera on a post to do the obligatory self-portrait. As I place the camera down on the post, I hear a humming. And I take a closer look at the post, and noticed the rubber wrapped wires...hey this is an electric fence...maybe I should take my camera and go play somewhere else..

Oh, yeah the blog heading-How to Make Kim Run Faster-
I followed this road, instead of turning right, to its end. It dumped me back on the four lane highway, and I knew my turn off was about 2 miles away.
SO I was running sub 10 minute miles-the first mile was 9.39; I really did not want to be on this road! This was funny. Maybe I should make this part of my route, to coax me into some quicker speed along the way.

Besides the camera, I was carrying my digital recorder. Andrew and I will be broadcasting a podcast soon, about ultra running. We are still working out details and testing equipment and such. So I thought I would take my digital recorder and see how it sounds out in the field.
So, you might not only be recordered for the blog, you may end up on the podcast too!!

Mike I almost forgot-wore the new shoes-Saucony ProGrid Triumph 4s

The obligatory post run pic:


Sensationally Red said...

I LOVED the t-shirt....proud Blogger that you are! Nice pictures. You are very lucky...reminds me of my country roots!

tony said...

Wooo hooo...more leg shots! I think your goal to get faster will pay off huge dividends! You can do it Kim!!!

Mike said...

The shoes looked great on you! There! I wrote about you AND the shoes. whew. (really I was just looking at those shoes. I have stared at the legs for hours...and hours...and hours...the shoes were new!)

Sorry we couldn't make the conference call work was a surprise to get a call from Andrew, but very welcome. I had an adventure that I have to tell you about though after we hung up!!!! Let's talk soon

Tim Looney said...

I like that you always post pics of you and the areas you run. I need to get a camera. Podcasts huh!?! Very cool. :)

Mike said...

and those photos of the landscape were magnificent. those clouds look like an idyllic painting!

Wish you could take a photo of me that made me look that good!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Everyones getting new shoes. Do you really need all those shoes? I'm still running in my Chuck Tayors.

Jack said...

Nice T-shirt, shoes and place to run!

Maria said...

Those pics of your surround neighborhood make me so jealous Kim! I would love to live somewhere like that.

Oh and the t-shirt looks fabulous!

Addy said...

I totally need that shirt :)

pretty shoes!!

cdnhollywood said...

Looking forward to hearing the podcast! Can't wait!