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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Shoe Trail Run

I left work a bit early before I committed justifiable homicide...as soon as I hit the trail head and the woods, I felt the tension flow out of my shoulders..if I could bottle trail running as a drug for tension relief, I would be a billionaire.

Today's route was my short route around the golf course. Nobody ever is on this trail. It seems reserved for myself always. I wore the new Mizuno Trail Wave Ascends. I really like them, they are light, but I could feel a hot spot in the same area, around my heel that I was also getting with my NB 872s.

It was a hot and muggy run, a little cooler in the woods. We had a quick storm come through on Tuesday, and there was a few trees down on the trail. I need to get some of the minions out there and clear up my single track for me.


Mike said...

Thank you for the shoe shots! If ever a pair of shoes was meant for the Buckeye Trail they are those. Check Josh' blog for further reference to blue shoes on the BT...you two are in synch or something!

Trail Goddess said...

It IS the mark of a true shoe whore instead of commenting on how hot the goddess looked, he only noticed the shoes.

E-Speed said...

Oooh I love my wave ascends and they look so cute on you!

Sensationally Red said...

Really...that is the mark of a real shoe whore not to comment on how darned good the shoes looked on the Goddess. You look positively glowing today, your highness trail goddess! I think I have Mizuno Wave Something's also. I love em for the trail. I'm off here in a few minutes to get new road shoes--just punched a hole through the mesh with my big toe...sure sign it's time for a new pair! That...and they aren't as bouncy as they used to be...that's my shoes boys, not my boobs!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

New shoes! Mike is envious of you.