Saturday, July 28, 2007

Taming the Rottweiler

20 miles this am in 3.57 a very good run.

Cool but very humid out. I started the run at 545 am, amidst alot of fog. This was my run to town and back. I was very curious to see whether the Rottweiler was still around. I tucked a large dog biscuit into my waist pack just in case.

Sure enough, he starts barking as I climb the hill, he can hear me talking. (I was also talking into my recorder for posterity, in case it was my last recording.) He trots off his property, into the road, but I am ready for him. "Hi buddy!" I chirp and toss the dog biscuit into the road, away from me. He goes right for it, and then moves off as I praise him and call him a good dog. So the Trail Goddess tames the large puppy...I will have to remember to bring a dog cookie when I run this route..

I encountered another critter on my run, but he was much less threatening Since we're into naming critters on runs, he quickly became Sam (for Sam the salamander. Although I doubt he is one, maybe a newt??)

I got to the gym at 0755 and it wasn't open. So I decided to not do my 4 mile loop, since I now needed to go buy water or Gatorade. I spent 5 minutes in the gas station, in line, while the guy in the car in the drive-through kept making the poor clerk try to find Pepsi-Max or something like that..buddy, how bout you get your lazy ass out of the car and come into the store and get it yourself?--and the other person in front of me couldn't decide on what scratch off lottery tickets she wanted...I finally got some Gatorade and headed back toward home.

The first two miles out of town is usually my cranky time, since I am on the state route and don't have much berm and everyone drives about 70 MPH.Today though, the drivers were courteous and there was great cloud cover, and it was great! But then I discovered all the idiots were taking the back road I was cars at all going the other way, and they were giving me, oh about one foot of courtesy clearance. Thanks drivers!!

I gave my Saucony ProGrid Triumphs another shot. They seemed fine today. Maybe the soles were just stiff. Maybe it was just me. Maybe my form was off during the week, because I didn't feel my feet slapping the pavement in them on this run, so they are keepers after all.


Mike said...

NO F@#$ING way that salamander pic is real! You just found one that matched the one in my last blog post right? Too cool if it was real. My Salamander (Tony by the way, because we named the one we saw at night Sal A. Mander) was exactly the same coloration. Have you seen my post?

I really like that you have tamed the Rottweiler with treats rather than mace. It says something about you that you went the non violent way first.

Kim said...'re right our salamanders (or newts or whatever) match!!!!

"Still, they're cousins,
Identical cousins and you'll find,
They laugh alike, they walk alike,
At times they even talk alike --

You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind."

Addy said...

haha. the two of you are the animal tamers lately.

Kim, awesome job with the dog. I'll admit to a tiny fear of strange dogs, and the treat idea is a really good one. Something to definitely keep in mind if I ever need to run through dog territory

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

No way I would even think of a dog treat. I would be up a tree crying like a little baby and would never go that way again.

tony said...

Mike's too young to know the Patty Duke Show, Kim...LOL. No way he knows that song ...ha ha. But that was hilarious!!

Mike said...

yeah...I am pretty much clueless there guys. sorry.

Maria said...

Oh come on...I'm younger than Mike and even *I* know that song ☺

Sensationally Red said...

Yikes...that dog is big. Glad you made friends with him!