Monday, July 23, 2007

Trail Rash

I went to the doctor today. When I took my
spill last Monday, I cleverly aimed my body away from the hard dirt trail over to the cushy green vegetation. Which was ripe with..either poison oak or sumac. I doubt it was poison ivy, since that stuff is rampant over our estate.
The rash started last week, but more and more itchy bumps started breaking out over the weekend. I used the diluted bleach solution (make a very weak solution of water and bleach) and dabbed that on. The calamine lotion helped a bit, but with the looks of the rash spreading-it was on my right arm and right leg, which is what I landed on during the tumble-to the left leg, I thought it was time for a doctor visit.
My doctor concurred with my professional opinion of contact dermatitis. He offered a prescription for a topical steroid cream to try first, rather than oral steroids, since he knows of my aversion to taking anything that can lead to a weight gain.

At the pharmacy, the pharmacy technician offered me some Poison Ivy Soap. She says this has been working well for people. I bought a bar of this, to just use on the rash areas. So between that and the steroid cream, I should be done with the itchies soon.

Now I have been counseled about the dangers of trail running. I've heard one doesn't get rashes like this out running on the road.

Except for maybe road rash, which looks worse to me than a little bit of itchiness!


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Wow was that a bunch of soap. I do not think I will ever be that clean. LOL

Mike said...

I love the addition of cartoons to the blog!

I cannot put into words how excited I am to run with you soon. The last mile will be the best. The hardest, but the best.

I was twitching to go run a second run tonight, but forced myself to stay in, and will try to wake up early for a short run.

Tim Looney said...

I love the cartoon. I agree. I would rather have rash from poison whatever than road rash.

Who counseled you on the dangers of trail running? There are dangers in most activities we engage in. The benefits of trail running surely outweigh the dangers.


tony said...

Kim...what did the doc say about your home remedy of using bleach on the rash?? I've used it and swear by it, although I have to admit, I didn't delute it. I was desperate! Hope your better soon Kim !!! (note 3 exclamation pts!)

Mike...was that "itching" or "twitching" to go for a 2nd run?

Kim said...

Tony, my doctor said I needed a "brain scan" after he heard about my running this past 6 months.
I've actually used the bleach straight too, just dabbed it on-that's fine, it won't kill you, just wash your hands afterwards.

Addy said...

eeks...sorry you're having to deal with this!! After getting a bad case of poison oak that lasted almost a month, I can definitely empathize. Hope your soap works magic :)

KeepOnRunning said...

you never did say what crazy person would advise against trail running... did they not realize they were talking to the goddess??

some people huh?

Brett S. said...

I don't know about the steroid cream. How are you going to get it out of your system in time for the race next week.... wouldn't want to have any huge controversy at the burning river over this you know.

Good luck by the way, a run is good when you can treat your ills with a little soap.