Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trail Run Today!

The temperature was 90. There was a big bad storm heading our way (according to weather.com). I donned the ugliest running clothes I owned and headed out on the trail. Thank goodness the trail belongs to me.

Mother Nature heard the Trail Goddess was going out on her trails today, so she obligingly dropped the temperature a sweet 10 degrees and stirred up a little breeze for me. I was in a good mood. I'd had a rather emotional day (but in a good way) and it was so good to hit the dirt and the woods.
This is my little trail which winds around a hillside; a gem of a little trail right in the town I work in. This trail has everything; hills, a nice technical downhill section, usually deer scatter in front of me. It was one of those nice runs where the endorphins start as soon as I enter the woods
and don't let up. The cooler temps and the breeze was a bonus.


KeepOnRunning said...

What a beautiful trail, sounds like you had a great run. you were able to finish with a incredible smile which is awesome!!!!

Sometimes running really puts thing in perspective for me. Those emotions can be great running fuel, especially when they are good emotions (which it sounds like they were)!! It's good the the Goddess had mother (nature) looking after her.

I'll trade you... some of that cooler weather for some of our rain!!

Mike said...

that last photo is a GREAT one! Nice job!

tony said...

Atta way Kim! We're lucky to have nice trails in woods here too, and I just love getting in there for a natural high!

KeepOnRunning said...

I agree Mike!! one heckuva smile you have going on there Kim, awesome. I always smile at the end as well.

Day 6 of rain-a-palloza in Alabama. have yall gotten through your dry spell up there?