Monday, July 02, 2007

Weekend Recap the Late Edition

Well I've been gone all day, and the guys have summed up Saturday rather well, but I will give you the real story now...

Josh showed up about two minutes before we were heading out on the run…of course he was ready to go. Mike lives very close to the first park we ran through, it was just only through some side streets and we were in a nice park system. I didn’t know there were such nice great trails within the city!! It was very cool. Josh, Mike and I split off from the group and ran the Gorge Trail, I believe. This is where the great mishap occurred. We had the choice between two trails, one marked ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’. Well, of course we chose the difficult route. It actually was pretty easy and we were joking about it until we started down a steep slope. My foot slipped in loose dirt and I somehow slipped onto my side, kind of face first, still heading down the hill! There was nothing to grab onto and I tried sinking my fingers into the dirt but it was loose. (I had left the ice pick at home too.)
Josh, my hero, who was ahead of me,moved to cut me off before I ended up in the Cuyahoga River. Mike, behind me, was busy getting the camera out to photograph it! I was fine, just scraped up a bit and very dirty. That was, I believe, my best fall and it’s good that my friends were there to witness it!!! For the rest of the weekend, they did caution me when a ‘difficult’ slope came up, what pals.
Here is a pic of the infamous "pipe" that Josh and Mike made their way across. It was about a nice 25 foot drop to what looked like a creek, but right now is just nice rocks. Since Josh and Mike challenged each other, they of course had to risk their lives and cross it. Secure in my goddessity, I took the wooden bridge around and took photos and held my breath and hoped they would make it across safely, no joking as they crossed here. After they finished, then it was fine to call them names.

I had to bail on the afternoon run and attend the family picnic on the other side of town, where I got to meet my brand new nephew, Paulo, who is ten weeks old!

I thought I was going to starve to death since the grill didn’t get turned on til 5 pm. I stayed around until about 7pm, then went out and carbo-loaded with Josh and Mike. We then hit the grocery store and bought our ‘stoner’ supplies for the epic run on Sunday. We were still getting stuff put away and Josh passed out on the couch, leaving me to sleep on the floor—not my hero!

To be continued...


tony said...

All joking aside, that is a tough pipe to cross and a long way down. I've run past it 100's of times and wanted to, but never did cross it. And you guys have pics to prove your conquest...nice job!

Kim said...

I thought they were idiots but I guess it was a guy thing..

Josh said...

I wasn't too happy when I came up to the pipe and saw how far down it was, but I was committed by then.
Left you sleeping on the floor? You had a mattress! I had to sleep on a couch!

Kim said...

Hey this is my blog and I can say what I want!