Friday, August 03, 2007

Pre-Race Festivities

I arrived at Mike's place early afternoon. Mike, Josh and I went out for a late lunch...lots of our usual banter and laughter. ( Don't tell them but I love these guys!) We got back to Mike's place, and the guys worked on their last minute race prep.
We went over to the BR Meeting place in Cuyahoga Falls a bit early. It was so fun to be hanging out and chatting with other runs. I did finally get Rob, Mike, and Josh, to sit on their asses instead of standing! (Energy conservation!!)
Dinner was ready promptly at 530 pm. Thanks Chef Bill Bailey, everything was great! I really appreciated having the whole wheat pasta!
More friends and acquittance's kept arriving. I was having such a good time, talking to everyone that I knew, some people that I didn't know...telling them I would be at Mile 65, kicking their butts down the trail!

The race meeting went off promptly at 630 pm. Joe Jurcyk, RD, had a thorough briefing. I think all should be well for the race in the morning. Joe has many experienced ultra runners as his staff, and most of the volunteers are ultra runners too. One runner, Maria, asked if I thought there might be pacers along the way. Since most of the aid stations are being manned by ultrarunners not participating in the race, I said heck yeah! I bet there will lots of volunteers with running shoes on--just waiting for the chance.

Mike- if you are reading this, get your ass to bed. I can't wait to see you come in smiling to Happy Days and you and I get to run together.
Rob-run with the slow runners!
Josh-Maria will be at Mile 65. But Adam will also be there...
Tony-good luck my friend!! This will be an awesome experience for you

Okay, I better stop naming names or this could go on all night.

I as an aid station worker and pacer, will be sleeping in on Saturday.!

I will update before my departure for the aid station on Saturday!

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