Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ultra Shopping

I had to get to the store for supplies yesterday. I had to buy:

2 liters of Gatorade
1 pack of Ritz-PB crackers
1 pack of PayDay Bars (I have to cut them in half myself, I can't find the snack size around here! What is up with that)
Pringles Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (a fine breakfast food pre ultra, a good snack during the race)
Fig Newton bites-I bought these for Mike, maybe I can tempt him with these about 3am..
1 Gallon of Water. Like the Gatorade, mainly to have in my vehicle pre and post run.

For my pacing duties, it's primarily the same as what I use during my run. I'll eat ClifBlok Shots, PB crackers, whatever is in my waistpack. My best snack is going to be homemade peanut brittle made by my cohost, Andrew! My goal is to keep myself sustained while looking out for my runner. I'm going to toss a bag with extra stuff in Mike's crew caravan in case I want any Ensure or Adrenalin drink.

For the aid station, I bought a bunch of washcloths. I'm bringing a styrofoam cooler, going to fill it full of ice and water, and hand out icy cloths to overheated runners. I also bought a cutting board, so we have something decent to use while cutting up food. I have some quilts and blankets to donate to the race. While you might not think blankets could be needed for a race in the beginning of August, you never know when a runner may catch a chill in the evening hours. Or, if nothing else, more padding to sit or lay on to rest.

I've got my clothes ready; aid station clothes; running clothes; post run clothes. I am pretty much ready to go. I'm pysched. This is fun to experience a 100 mile race without "running" the whole thing.


Josh said...

I know have the image in my head of you dropping Fig Newton bites on the ground coaxing mike along, as he scoops them up.

Kim said...

Hey whatever it takes Josh; that's better than the 'running backward' routine which could be dangerous on the "difficult" sections of the course.

IM Able said...


just discovered your site recently and really enjoy hearing all about your running and the ultra world. i've always been intrigued by 'real' trail running and ultra distances. so it's great fun to read about everything you post. especially the pictures!

have a great race/sherpa this weekend!

im able

olga said...

Have the best-est time in volunteering and pacing Mike in a 100!

Mike said...

I am so excited to get my hands on those Fig Newtons!

I don't think any of the course section is marked "difficult" so don't let that stop ya? BTW- why did you think I was wearing so MANY lights?

I am going to stop today and pick up your shot blocs....I have a lazy day planned...also got me some new duct tape for marking the bags, and I will pack them. I have all my good socks washed, and have to wash a few standby shirts for the race.

At this point, for some reason, I am psyched to get to the pre race meeting and see everyone tomorrow!!!

Addy said...

you're awesome. Great list, and that peanut brittle sounds amazing!

I remember in my first marathon they gave us cold towels at the end and it was the most heavenly experience I had ever had. During a run would be even better. The runners coming through will be so thankful!

Have a great time out there :)

Maria said...

Wow Kim-you've thought of everything! I'm really looking forward to hanging out with you at Happy Days. Mike's so lucky to have a pacer like you...promise me that on my first 100 miler you'll be there with cold towels ☺