Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Treadmill Run

Another 10 mile treadmill run. Thank god for the first season of Sopranos on VHS Tape! Now I remember why I used to like the Sopranos so much..the first few seasons were so well written.
I have a 8 mile run for tomorrow. It's going to warm up *a bit* to about 30 degrees, so I am thinking of a 5'ish mile trail run, and then finish up on the bike trails for the remaining 3 miles. I need to touch dirt every so often, or I go bonkers.
Then I have a 22 miler for Saturday.
Rob had to mention that he was doing his long run at Mohican, so I was instantly envious; but I don't want to put the travel time in this weekend, since I believe my marathon is next weekend. With the cold temps for the weekend, I think I want to do short (5 miles or so) loops, but where to run?
1. Run loops from home-no way. Besides having the perfect spot to drop, disapointing three adorable dogs every hour or so will not cut it.
2. Run loops from the gym. I have a 4 mile route which might work out well. The only problem there is also a nice warm gym to drop into and stop running.
3. Run loops at Lake Park and maybe on my 'trail'. This would mean my car would be my aid station, instead of a nice warm gym. This might encourage me to keep going and not stop.
I have already used the Lake Park last winter as an option in multi-loop runs; the advantage is it is in the park system and I would not be exposed to cars.

I got in some decent mileage for January, I've been pretty consistent with my training schedule. I've been keeping up with my core workouts and strength training. It's been interesting to compare training schedules over the last three years. I've looked back where I have struggled through a 2 mile run. That was really interesting to read how much trouble and struggle a 2 mile run gave me. Heck, I can quibble and argue with myself about what I am going to do for how long through about 4 miles now. It's like I don't even notice the first two miles. And I struggled through that? See that is nice to have journals for, you can see how far you have gone.
I'm having a much easier time now with these longer treadmill runs. As the major said on the "Running on the Sun" DVD: "If you don't mind then it don't matter".

Monday, January 29, 2007

Today's Plan

Rest! It is a day off on my schedule, and rather than cross train, I’m just taking the whole day off. I’m going to eat cleanly and give my body time to recover.
I feel pretty good. My quads are just a bit stiff, and my back is kind of tight, so I do need to stretch today.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

10 Mile Run

I did nail my workout this weekend. 31 miles Saturday, followed by 10 miles on Sunday. I did the 10 miles on the treadmill, since it was there, and gave me no excuse for not doing the workout. My legs really were not that tired; my knees were kind of sore. My goal was 10 miles or 2.5 hours, whichever. I did a combination of jogging and walking on the treadmill while watching TV. It really was not that bad. It seems like once I make up my mind to those 10 miles, I was committed to it. I think it also helped that I gave myself the option of 2.5 hours too-I was going to get the "time on my feet" whether I had to walk the entire 10 miles.
We then went out for the afternoon, and did alot of walking around the mall, which really tired me out. In fact, I am pretty whipped right now with the accumulation of 40! miles this weekend.

I did some thinking last night after getting home. I wondered why I did not practice better nutrition, like taking the Perpeteum with me again. It all came down to how I packed, with poor organization. I ended up packing late Thursday night, with all my dogs distracting me, so I think next race trip out of town needs a little better planning.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Buckeye 50K Trail Race Report

What a great day!! It dawned with temperature at 37 F-a balmy heat wave, compared to a high of around 10 degrees the day before!!
The Buckeye Trail 50K Winter run has three options- a 1/2 marathon, a full marathon, and a 50K. It is done on a different course than the summer 50K. This race had two double loops, a five mile out-n-back, and an 8 mile out and back. The 50K'ers then ran the the 5 mile portion again for the 50k.
This race again filled early, so early in fact, when I looked at the entrants lists, there were quite a few local ultrarunners who were not included! They waited too long to register. Tanya, the RD, is limited by the park to 125 entrants.
All three running groups were off at 7am. There was about one mile on the flat towpath, and it was a very crowded beginning, in fact, unless you were in the front pack, it must have been a pretty slow first miles. But that's okay, it gave everyone a chance to warm up.
The trails were at first snow-covered and icy. My buddy
Mike and I had already decided to screw our shoes. This was a very good idea!! I had traction all throughout the race. Runners were skidding down hill, sliding, while I was able to keep running downhill pretty effortlessly.
I saw all sorts of friends out there today! I ran into my friend Nancy who lives up north but also has a cabin down my way. I also ran into another woman, not running the race, who knew me, but I couldn't remember her name. Ooops, I hate when that happens. I knew alot of faces but were unsure of a few names out there today on the trails. I think the funniest 'sighting' was when a runner ran past me, then yelled out "hey do you have a running blog?" And I said yes, and he said he thought he recognized me! LOL. I'm famous.
As the day went on, the trail conditions deteriorated to mostly mud,due to the warm temperatures-but it still was not bad. There are some good hills on the BK, so plenty of time to rest up on the uphills and pound the downhills. Due to the icy conditions, we didn't do the Brandywine River crossing, but one other small stream allowed me to get my feet wet!
I developed a new term on this run: ultrawhining. Yes, exactly what it sounds like. I was on the last leg, running for the last turn around point, and it was time to run the stairs again! So I am climbing these stairs, glad I have started on the stair master, and just generally doing ultrawhining. The term makes me laugh, and then I hold the following conversation with myself:
You know, you think this is fun.
You have a weird idea of fun. This is quite a workout.
You know, you actually do think marching up these stairs is fun.
You are having fun now!!
Then I started giggling. I do have fun out on the trails. I become such a happy camper outside in nature, I must be annoying to be around.
When I was on the last 5 mile portion, I ran into Roy, who is my friend and pretty much my running guru and mentor (I don't know if he knows that or not!) Anyways, he paid me a very high compliment:" You now, you improve with each one of these races that you do. You're taking names today!" Wow, that really made me feel good.
I finished up the 50K at 7 hours 30 minutes. Very nice!!! I had done an off the cuff prediction of around 8 hours with the course conditions. I was pretty pleased. I did try to push the last 5 miles, because I knew I could break the 8 hours if I just applied myself.
No falls, although I do have a new bruise, right across my wrist, like a line, maybe I whacked it into a tree-it's not really a trail run unless I come back with a new bruise!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Positive Affirmation

My husband asked me what my day looked like. I replied "I'm going to try and run..."
I stopped myself right there and then and replied " I am going to run 8 miles today."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


There is a stairmaster at the gym now, I did my first workout on it-that rocked! I did 10 minutes climbing "Pike's Peak". Then I did a second 10 minute climb called 'build up' or something like it. That was a good workout, I was dripping sweat while stepping. I kept imagining myself on one of the steep hills at Mohican too as I climbed.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I woke up this morning irritated with myself. I did not accomplish my weekend running goals, and I was fretting about that, and also my training schedule for this week, because I knew I had some work spillage into my training hours, and I hate when
real life interferes with my running plans! I knew I couldn't make up the 20 miles during the week, since I have a 50K this Saturday. So I finally roll out of bed, brew some coffee, and see what I am supposed to do this week.
It became alot easier when I looked at the schedule: 1 4 mile run, 2 8 mile runs, a day of cross training. Friday is a day off since I will drive to Cleveland. I decided to get one of my eight mile runs in today, on the treadmill.
I thought this was going to be my longest treadmill run until I stumbled across one of my blog entries in December, about a 8 mile treadmill run.
I came home after work, put on a DVD and started. And for once, the treadmill run was not that bad. I knew once I hit the four mile mark that I would certainly do the whole run. I've gotten past the mental aspect and the physical part is going well-heck, I know I can run 8 miles, no problem, it's that mental aspect of the tread to get by.
At mile 6 I felt I was going into victory laps on the belt. I felt really really good about a treadmill run. That's pretty interesting! I think I'm building endurance, both physically and mentally!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Best laid plans

It's snowing heavily here now. The roads are completely covered, so that put my plans of running to town and back for 20 miles off. It's too hard to run on slick roads and then contend with cars coming around sharp corners and down hills. I thought about going to Salt Fork to run on trails there, but it's still deer season (archery) here through February 4th, and I want to stay out of that area until then. Salt Fork State Park is a very popular deer hunting area.
So I am drinking coffee, watching it snow, and blogging. I screwed my shoes this morning in anticipation of the The Buckeye Trail 50K race this weekend. The trails should be a mixture of snow, ice and mud, so I hope the
screwed shoes
will be effective.
I'm going to go the gym for some weight training, and try out the stair climber that is new there. Then home for some treadmill time!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday run

I only ran 11.67 miles today. I just didn't plan the new route very well. So I think tomorrow, I will attempt my original 20 mile. (The plan was 20 miles on Sat, 10 on Sunday.) So I am just flipping the miles.
It was a bit cold out today, 20 degrees. The first 1/2 mile was miserable. I was really cold, in just a singlet, one long sleeved shirt, tights, hat, gloves, shoes. I kept going, because I knew I would get warmed up rather quickly. This was a 'around the block' route from my gym, with extending the route out to the next county roads, but it only extended my run by 2 miles or so.
Two Jack Russell terriers attacked me in the first two miles. They didn't try to bite, but just dance excitedly around me, it was hard to shoo them toward home.
On my new section of unknown roads, I always keep a wary eye and ear out for loose dogs. The most interesting feature on this route was two huge pens of fenced in deer-white tailed deer. These fenced in pastures had the proper fences to keep deer in, about ten feet high fences. I wonder what that was all about. There was both male and female deer in the pens. I thought it was a bit sad, deer are wild creatures, and should be out roaming, not fenced in like that.
I got back to the gym and quickly changed to dry clothes. That is what I hate about winter running, I get chilled so quickly. I did a bit of stretching, but my hamstring was still really tight. Some ibuprofen helped with that later.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Elliptical Today

It was cold and very windy today, and I felt wimpy, so I went to the gym and did 8 miles, in 76 minutes on the elliptical. It was a good workout, I love the elliptical. I crank up my music and go. It's so brainless, so automatic. You can listen to loud music and just veg out and sweat.
I got some good stretching in also.
Tomorrow is a nice 20 mile run. I think I will establish base camp at the gym, and run on the country roads that I haven't been on since it gets dark so early. I have a normal 11 mile route "around the block" to the gym, and with the Garmin 205 help, I can extend that a bit further. On one of my country backroads, I have been wanting to run further up a different hill and see the view of the other side..tomorrow I get to do that. Maybe I will carry the camera to see what the view brings.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blogger Sucks

I had written a wonderful, thoughtful, delightful post..and Blogger lost it.
Now I am left with "good weight training session at the gym."

Hopefully I will write a wonderful long dialogue on my trail run tomorrow, type it, save it somewhere, and then post it to Blogger.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Treadmill Run

I decided to run on the treamill at home today, since I wasn't supposed to get out of a meeting until 4pm, and my run today was for 6 miles. Of course, I got out of the meeting at 330pm, it was sunny but alas! I had brought no running clothes with me.
So I did the six miles on the treadmill. It's amazing how much less thinking I do on the tread than the trails. In fact, all the thinking on the tread seemed to be: " this thing working? Okay, 3.5...only 1/2 mile to go...3.6...."

It has also been on my mind as a blog entry that I haven't done much writing as representing the newby ultra runner out there, that most of my blogging is just my personal running journal (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I thought I would do some basics, kind of get back to my mission statement.

I currently am training toward the Umstead 100 Endurance Run. I am using the training schedule geared toward a 50 mile race.
My goals for this race is:
A) Run 50 miles
B) Run more than 61 miles (my most mileage to date)
C) Run 80 miles (kind of just a nice arbitrary number for a goal)
D) Run 100 miles

Do I think I can run 100 miles? Yes, I do. I also realize it is a far longer distance than I have ever attempted. I had a good 41 mile run the other week which gave me some good confidence. I also have a person who has volunteered to pace me! His name is Steve, and he's also a Mohican runner, but he happens to live in Raleigh. He volunteered, and I'm happy about that. Having someone to distract me and keep me company into unknown territory has to help.

I have long runs planned for most weekends, the shortest being probaly 20 miles, followed by 10 miles the next day. I have several organized races that will suffice as training runs, the Buckeye Trail 50K January 27, the "Last Chance for Boston" Marathon February 11, and a FA 50K Run on the YUT-C course March 10. I am hoping some of my other long runs of 24 or 26 miles might be done on the trails of Mohican, weather permitting.

I also am keeping up much better with my strength training. I have started to adopt the idea of "functional training"; to me this means doing strength training excercises to enhance my main role of endurance running. So I generally concentrate on core work, and upper arms. Why upper arms? Because after running my 61 miles last summer, I was really surprised to feel how sore my arms were. But I was using them, pumping them, for 16 hours. Of course they were tired! So I am doing more weight training with the idea of strengthening these muscles for future long runs.
I am also keeping up with my stretching. I was kind of insulted last year, when I hurt my IT Band, that I was told to 'stretch more'. I'm probaly one of the most flexible runners out there! But then I realized just because I was flexible, did not mean I did not need to stretch. So I do it on a pretty regular basis-and I can feel it when I do not stretch!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trail Run

It was a nice 30 degrees out this afternoon, what better weather for a trail run! This also was a cave-woman run, as I had forgotten my watch. I did two laps of my little trail. It was a good workout, all our rain has turned the trail muddy and treacherous with slippery leaves on it.
It was a good thing I had changed clothes at work; the restroom in the park where I sometimes change clothes was under water. (The Tuscarawas River runs right beside the park). In fact, I debated where I had parked, since the water was also in the parking lot. I was amused, when I returned to my vehicle an hour or so later, to find the water much closer to my SUV!! Here I had thought the river was receding, but I guess not!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Maybe all I did need was dirt in my shoes again. I feel back to normal today. I had a very good weight session at the gym. Tomorrow is a 4 mile run, on my little new found trail. It's back to winter weather though, supposed to be a high of 30.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back to work

Ugh. Can't believe it will be Monday in the morning. Where did my weekend go? Off having too much fun. I did manage to find my training schedule to see just what I am to be doing. My friend, Tom, sent me a funny comment, saying it probaly was the asphalt that operated as kryptonite, sucking my energy away. And it seemed to have been the case. I've felt fine after my trail run on Saturday, I'm ready to get back into a week of training.

Weekend in WV

I just got back from West Virginia. I travelled south for the annual West Virginia Trail Runner Club meeting.
What a great time. Dan and Jody open their house up Friday through Sunday for a bunch of runners to eat, sleep, run, party at their house. This was my first visit to their home and I love it there, they have a great place out in the woods. Seeing old friends was good and I met alot of new people too. After spending one day together makes you feel like you've known them a long time.
Three of us did the shorter 7 mile run, while the others (probaly 12? or so) opted for the 12 mile loop. It was in the fifties, with light rain. This was a great trail run, partly on Dan's property, then some timber land. It was muddy!!!Lots of water crossing, lots of running in water due to water coursing down the road. I took a wrong step in a puddle and ended up wet to my knees!
I almost took a full face plant in a huge mud puddle when my foot sank into the mud and the mud didn't give it up. A hand planted into the mud puddle (the one with the Garmin 205 naturally) saved me. Hopefully the Garmin can handle a dunking!
Once we returned to the house for cougar stew, deer meatballs, and
a keg of microbrewed beer courtesy of Dan's son, Willie, it was time for a quick shower and meeting. Then we started popping corks off the wine, and much talking, drinking, eating, and friendliess flowed for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I’m running a marathon! I haven’t run a marathon in over a year!

I’m kind of excited about it. This is the " Last Chance for Boston" Marathon in Dublin Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus. This is a one mile loop on a side business road. There will be very little traffic and there will be aid station every mile. The price goes up January 15 so I decided today to enter it. The weather could be very iffy February 11 in Ohio; but hey! I’m an ultrarunner, I can take weather conditions. I think I can also tolerate asphalt roads, after running 41 miles on asphalt last week.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I have been tired all week long. Like really tired. Like dragging tired.
I ran trails today, I felt all sluggish but I was only five minutes slower than my usual loop. So maybe there is more of it in my head than my body.
The non-ultra community would probaly point out I just ran a long distance and should take time off to recover. Well, I did take a day off. And this was my first run this week. So I did cut way back on mileage. Enough to feel guilty, like I am a slacker. Oh well. I'm glad the work week is ending tomorrow. I'm going to the annual meeting of the West Virginia Trail Runners on Saturday. Yes, I know I live in Ohio. And, actually, I am planning on joining the
North East Ohio Trail Club as soon as I remember to write the check.
There will be a meeting and a run. Last year they had a blizzard. This year it looks like weather in the fifties and rain. It looks like another run in shorts!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Post Run Casualty

I have a blister under my big toenail. A big blister, seems like it was under the whole nail.
I came home from the gym. I thought I would give that heated needle through the nail to drain the blister method. So I got the needle, and the candle. Heated up the needle, tried to stick it through the nail. Nope. Maybe not hot enough? I got a bigger needle. Heated it up. Tried again. Nothing. Held the needle in the flame longer. Still nothing. Hmm. Either I am too chicken to get this needle hot enough..or I just don't know how to do it.
I let the needle cool, ran some alcohol over it, and then stuck it between my nailbed on the toe. If I didn't hit the blister, I reasoned, it would only hurt briefly. And if I hit the blister, it wouldn't hurt at all. Paydirt!! Blood started spurting out. I carefully kept re-inserting the needle, applying pressure to the nail to get more of the blood out. This seems to have worked, although I still would like to know if anyone has done the heated needle through the nail trick.

Oh yeah, I did work out today. Light work out, just some core and upper arms. Then I stretched well. I don't feel too bad, I was just pretty tired most of the day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Birthday FA

My birthday FA was successful: I ran my age, 41 miles. In good time for me, in about 8 hours (there was a watch malfunction; and I waited at the start for ten minutes for people to show up). My 50K time was 6.09, which is incredible for me!!

Wearing shorts in Cleveland Ohio in January is also amazing. It rained for two days prior to Saturday, flood warnings were issued. We were running the Rocky River Reservation, between two rivers, the Cuyahoga and the Rocky River, and many parts of the Cleveland metroparks roads were closed due to the flooding.

I arrived at 615 right when Kurt and Mike showed up. They were out to run their first 50 miler today. They also had the brilliant idea to just run and out and back and link up with everyone else at 7am back at the parking lot, so I decided to do that too.

We did two miles out and back. Other runners warned us that the road was closed ahead due to flooding. We met up with lots of other runners for the 7 am start. The Cleveland West Road Running Club also meets there at 7am, so along with the ultra runners for the FA, the parking lot was full. There must have been 30 runners or so milling around.
I got some looks since I got too hot in my windshirt and had already stripped down to a short sleeved shirt and my shorts. In fact, once my friend Tom showed up from Erie, PA, we left in advance because I had been standing around too long and was starting to get chilled.

It was a good solid run. Tom ran the whole run with me, what a nice birthday treat! We run pretty well together. He was only planning the 50K, but added a few miles on to the end. When we got to the 40 mile mark (we were both pretty tired) I remarked “I bet you wish I was just turning 40 instead of 41”. He replied “I wish you would have said you were turning 29….”

Best laid plans and all…Colleen had sent out great maps, I’d plan to run 8.5 mile out and back loops. The first water flooding was at 3 miles. It was only ankle deep. It did stop a lot of the road runners, but you know us ultra runners…but in fact that was the only water crossing we attempted.

Luckily, on this flooding, the bike trail went up the hillside and we bypassed the floods. Some of the more hardcore (I think the synonym for that is crazy) ultrarunners merely waded on through. It was only thigh high after all.

Roy had caught up with us on one loop and told us about the bigger water puddle another mile down the road, so on our next loop we thought we’d go look at it. No, it was pretty long and looked like a current was flowing so we didn’t attempt it. Roy and Frank reported later it wasn’t too bad if you were going with the current, and didn’t get swept into the Rocky River.

It rained on and off most of the run. The only bad time was where it was coming down rather heavily and windy. I was thinking of turning back on that loop and getting my windshirt, but then the rain quit a ½ mile down the road.
After we finished, it was on to the party at Colleen’s. She had tons of fun set out, a birthday cake for me!! Debby showed up soon with the hot pasta, and it was great fun to sit and chat for actually hours afterwards.
I got a great birthday card signed by everyone, a button that said “ageless wonder” and Mike and his wife gave me a present, some SmartWool socks-that was so great!

That was actually my second longest run to date. I felt a bit beat up afterwards, but I blame that on road miles. I did experiment with some Perpeutem on this run, and it seemed to work well for me. I also supplement that with my usual supply of Payday bars, PB&J, some gels, and salt & vinegar potato chips. I also tried an Adrenaline energy drink about mile 32 or so. This originally tasted nasty, but not as nasty as the RedBull. I did manage to drink the whole can of it. It did cause some burping and there was one moment when I thought it was coming back up, but it stayed down, so I will try that again on some training runs, and that might be a good snack for a drop bag.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Packing bags for the FA this weekend. I'm heading to Cleveland tomorrow early, to see an old friend who is town unexpectedly. So I got to have my gear ready tonight.
It's supposed to be a high of 50 and maybe rain. So I have packed gear, with spare gear for the car. We will be able to do loops back to the vehicles (this is kind of run your own route) so I can change into dry stuff. I am planning on running 41 miles for my 41st birthday!
The staff at work surprised me with the birthday lunch, I really thought I had gotten away with it by taking Friday off. But instead of a cake, we had Caesar Salad!! (And fudge for desert..) It was all quite good. (I had one piece of fudge, they devoured the rest, I can't believe they ate all that fudge in one afternoon...)
So I did 20 minutes on the elliptical at the gym, to help negate a few of those calories, then a good weight session, and then an abbreviated stretching session.

This is shaping up to be a really nice birthday weekend for me!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Yet another Trail Run

Another beautiful day here, 52 degrees..the husband called at 3pm, wanting to know when I would be home, then hinting that he was grilling what a way to make you want to skip a workout!
But my newfound trail right outside of town beckoned. It was mild, 50 degrees out, how could I not run trails? I can't believe this little trail has been there all along, when I was putting miles in on the flat asphalt bike path just across the road. True, I can log more miles quickly on the flat bike path, but I'm getting the better work out on the rocky, hilly, rooty trail! My friend Regis said he trained on this trail in preparation for his Appalchian Trail Run..hey that's pretty good for me!
I ran the trail the way I always do, it's 2.6 miles long. I scared up 3 deer in front of me. Has everyone heard about
the Huff 50K and the deer incident?
An excerpt from her race report:
"About a mile in, I saw the strangest thing I have ever seen in a race. All the runners were still pretty close together when we saw a deer running in circles in an open area next to us. He must have been scared seeing all the runners going around him. This deer turned and plowed straight into a man running a few feet in front of me!!! Imagine getting hit in the shoulder by a 20 mph missle while running... Anyhow, the guy ended up on the ground, he was hit so hard. He got up and tried to keep going, but at mile 3, they put him in an ambulance. I don't have an official report, but rumor has it the deer toasted the guy's collarbone. Yeesh!"

Well, my deer all scampered away. I ran the loop, then ran the loop in reverse. This was the first time for me on this trail in this direction and it turned a bit interesting. It was nearing 445 pm, the sun was sinking into the hills, and all of a sudden my trail, which in one section is covered with leaves, disapeared. I followed what I thought was the trail,and stayed on top of the ridge. Then I saw a house, and realized I needed to be following the little creek. It was interesting. The trail looked different in twilight and in reverse. I need to memorize little features. Things won't look the same in the dark. (This is valuable training for Mo. When I ran the orange loop last weekend, I kept trying to think about the trail in terms of the dark.)
As I was running the course in reverse, I kept thinking I saw a dog with a wagging tail. It turned out it was those pesky deer again!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I keep forgetting I own a treadmill.

I’m penciling in the workouts for the month of January. I always start with the weekends and work out from there. As I sat there, deciding which day of the week would be weight and core training, I also thought I needed to be flexible, and maybe run on the days when the weather is decent…
Well, YEAH, if it’s nice out take advantage of the weather, but hello, I have a treadmill in my rec room now…got NO excuse besides remembering it’s there.

Today was weight training day, and I got a good 40 minute work out in. The resolutionaries have not descended on the gym yet, so it was just the regulars. I also did 15 minutes of stretching. It's so much more easy to stretch at the gym, there are no German Shepherd puppies trying to eat your nose!

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Run

I got out for a short 4 mile run around the neighborhood. It was a nice run, in the 40’s-I wore shorts for my run today!! Also a windshirt which came in handy, because it was very windy out.
I go by an Amish house about mile 1.4. Today a dog ran out from the house, barking at me. I gave him the usual “hi buddy” but he kept coming and uh oh!! I saw hackles up!! I gave him a sharp “hey!!” and he stopped, glaring at me. I kept going, although I knew I was going to have to run right past his house again. On the way back, I picked up some good sized rocks, but the dog was nowhere to be found. I think it’s time for me to invest in some pepper spray-this road is part of my normal running route, and I’m not changing it for an overzealous dog.
It’s hard to believe this wonderful mid weather we are having. I just hope it will last long enough for our FA on January 6, which is also my birthday. I am planning on running 41 miles, since I will be turning 41.
I guess I am middle-aged. I think that’s funny. I don’t feel middle-aged. Of course, I should live to be about 110, so actually I really am not at the half-way point of my life yet. I got plenty of years and adventures to go yet