Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yax Trax Post

I wore my Yax Trax for the first time the other day, for my trail run. The conditions were single track trail, mostly frozen surfaces. This meant the mud was mainly frozen, and I wasn't getting my feet wet when I broke through ice. The trails also were snow and leaf covered.

The Yax Trax really were not working for me in these conditions. I kept getting big gobs of snow stuck under my arch on the left foot, kind of like mud building up on the shoes. I had to keep stopping to scrape it off. I also got brances stuck under the Yax Trax.

I will have to say the screwed shoes would be a better choice than the YT in these condtions. Maybe the YT would be better on icy roads, or snow covered roads, than trails. Anyone have an opinion?


Sensationally Red said...

My buddy Deb wears the Yax-Trax. I wear the slip on rubber prophylatic things with tacks on the bottom. They were great for the first 18 miles of the Buckeye 50K (snow oovered single track), but then for some reason, the left rubber kept slipping off. I have really big feet too, so don't know what gives here...
I ended up taking them off. But I do feel they give me more traction (and confidence) when the stupid things stay on.

Nick said...

The only time I wear mine are when the roads are icy, and the trails are completly frozen over.
I found that out the hard way when I tried to run with them while on snow covered trails when the ground was too soft. They suck up way too much snow and mud.

Caren said...

I've been using the Kathoola microspikes and made the mistake once of using them in snow when I thought there was ice. All they did was ball up snow on the bottom of my feet...very annoying. I think Yak Trax, spikes, screw shoes, etc. are for truly iced over trails, not snow-mix.

AnthonyP said...

Try the STABILicers SPORT. I did a review of them back in december (
http://runawayblog1.blogspot.com/2007/12/trail-run-iced-out.html). They are great, but, as Nick and Caren point out, they (like the Yax-Trax) are designed more for ice or packed down snow

cdnhollywood said...

My YakTrax work best with packed snow and soft ice (right around the freezing point). Deep snow - you're better off running with snowshoes (and it's a serious workout).

BTW, do NOT use YakTrax on wet tile floors. Trust me.

Luc said...

I'm reading more and more about these things (YakTrax) and I may need to invest in these next fall. For now, I just slow down when I have to cut the corners on the trails in the snow and mud hoping I don't fall. With my klutziness, I'd fear I'd cut a gash in my calves with spikes on my feet. :)

I figure winter is almost over and my watch was a big enough purchase for my wife to handle... I'll give her a few months before my next big "fun buy". :)

Anyway, it's interesting to read your findings on these. That clump of snow doesn't look like it would be fun to cart around on any run.

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