Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random Musings

I voted today! I had to change parties to do so. Apparently this has been a popular activity at my polling place today.

Seven Random things about me..I got tagged about two weeks ago, and finally got around to posting this..

1. I onced weighed 225 lbs. OR more. That was when I actually weighed myself. Joined WW and got the weight off. I am a different person than that obese person.

2. I'm starting to like some country music. I know.!

3. I have a 1/2 sister who is both my sister and my aunt. My mom's daughter was adopted by my grandma and never lived with us. Still never heard the whole story. Yes, we are from WV.

4. SPeaking of WV and country music, I am a 'coal miner's daughter'. Dad worked in the coal mines in the fifties before moving to the Cleveland area and the auto factories.

5. I can't watch movies with dogs or about dogs. I cry. I cried watching Beethoven when the doggies were locked up in the beginning with the dognappers. DOn't even mention Old Yeller.

6. I have lived in Ohio all my life. I regularly pass the Pro Football Hall of Fame." I've run the Pro HOF 5 mile race. I've never visited the Pro FHOT.

7. My OCD comes out when I get ready to exit my vehicle. I like to turn everything off. Radio, heater/AC, wipers, etc. It bugs me to start the car with all those things going, especially the radio blaring.

Uh, don't call other people at 7am. They're not always up. Sorry Andrew! (Especially when they aren't in your time zone...)


tony said...

Enjoyed getting to know more about you, Kim! I love country music too! Check out "The River" by Garth Brooks, love that! And WV is in my background, Lumberport, WV and Jones Run...lol.

Nick said...

So funny -WV stuff. My mom's from WV, and my Dad's from KY.
That's why I am able to go through someones trash and find treasures.
Read my last couple posts on my blog. I am "Westvertuckian" or related to Fred Sanford. Or both.