Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Glad I forgot the Bra

Well that should get the readership interested...I went out to my car to get my gear bag in the afternoon..had everything but the running bra. Sigh. I had to postpone the run until I got home.
As soon as I got home, I changed to get out the door quickly. This actually was going to be titled "New Gear" Run, since I had new shoes, new visor, new socks, and new headphones.

Check out the shoes!!

Aren't they purty?? I was doing a gear check for Mohican (yes I am actually thinking about training for this race) and realized about all but two of my shoes are beat to crap. And I usually find this out while running on roads somewhere. But I must say, I am impressed with all this nice green on the Saucony!

I also had a new visor, from Runjunk.com where I had also bought new water bottles. (Again, checking my gear ahead of time!)

These two pics cracked me up. A different dog in each pic as I moved the camera.

I also ran in my new DryFit socks, but can't really review them, since my feet stayed dry and out of puddles.

Ok, I had a great run! Since the weather was perfect, somewhere in the high 50's it was a bit cool, with a bit of wind blowing. This kept me from getting hot. Maybe the energy drink I sucked down on the way home helped, but I was keeping a very good pace for myself. I had told the husband I was going on my longer 'loop' but I didn't really remember how long it was since the last time I had gone on this particular route was January..

It's a bit greener out there now. Just a nice, solid, good pace effort for me. I was actually running all the small inclines (still walking the big hills!)

Two dogs were waiting for me as I finished a nice 10 mile run...and the Shepherd gets her own pic since she's so gorgeous..


Mike said...

The shepherd gets one pic because she's gorgeous and you get two because you are divine? Sounds good to me.

MIKEY LIKES the shoes. Green is good. Vince already knows I am slobbering over the new green Brooks Glycerin.....mmmmmm.

Bev said...

What kind of headphones did you get? I desperately need a new pair but I don't like anything in my ears. I have a pair that hang off my ears now and like the design.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Love, Love, Love those shoes!! You gotta have style while running and those scream "supermodel" I hope they are just as fast as they are pretty.

Sensationally Red said...

Love the shoes too...

Dana said...

Know ALL about forgetting the sports bra..;-)

I had to give up running in Sauconys(I even have the same color) due to them not having enough motion control for my pronating. Hope your have better luck w/ them.

From Here to There said...

Those are some blingin' shoes :) NICE! Not sure how I'd feel having two Sheps running to me, even growing up with one of them.

You look great all in pink!